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Thank you for your submission to Urban House Music. We love being able to showcase as much music, creators, events and shows as possible and we will continue to do so in the best possible light. For Urban House Music to be able to display your content, there are some criteria to be met. Failure to do so will result in either delay in responses, publication or in some cases, no response at all.

All Articles to be published must be submitted with two images as a minimum. This is normally a picture of the artist and the song cover, we ask when submitting your content please attach the right images as it will reduce the time our team take to assess the content and getting back to you sooner regarding publishing.

With this in mind, screen shots and small (in pixel size) images will result in images on articles not looking great and therefore content not being displayed in its best possible light and could result in publishing not occurring.

Urban House Music receives a high amount of content daily. It take us time to assess your work and respond, so we are now dedicated to delivering a response to you 3 working days from when we receive your submission. If you do not receive a reply back from us after 3 working days, please make the assumption that unfortunately your content did not tick all of the boxes needed for publication. 

Additionally, please do not feel the need to email us again after sending through your initial submission as a “follow up”. Doing so will not speed up the process.

We understand you may have had contact with members of our team for previous publications but this does not mean that team member is available. Do not send emails directly to someone as they might not be in the office hence a delay to the 3 working days reply we are working with and also does not guarantee your content will be published.     

Urban House Music would like to displays as much music as possible but please be mindful that we do not cover ALL genres

Send all submissions to:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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Urban House Music is a House & Urban music-blog & Online Magazine based in London. Founded by R.E Sanchez & Mr Ramsey. Within a short time has rapidly progressed into one of the go-to places for all your Underground House & Urban Music needs, from Reviews, New Tracks, Events & Exclusive Content, the brand is soon becoming part of the daily fix for all urban & house music lovers