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Looking for a one way ticket to Singalong Avenue and shuffle street? Then we suggest you get your best shuffler shoes on and hop on board as Loud Luxury have released an absolute banger in Sex Like Me

The vocals hit you straight away as the song starts and they are soulful and smooth, gliding over the beat for the entire song effortlessly without overpowering or being drowned out by the instruments. The lyrics are a bit saucy and sexual with the base of the track being “she can’t sex like me” but we are sure these cheeky lyrics will only have you hitting high notes faster than you normally would.

The beat has a nice blend of Dance and EDM elements but at the same time is radiating a bit of soulfulness which means it’s catering to as much ears as possible, something not all tracks can do. We need to be able to appreciate how dope this track is as we are sure this one will be all over the festivals and clubs over the summer.


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