This remix is sounding super sick

              Alaia & Gallo


As we always say, a remix has to be as good as the original OR BETTER. And this one right here will have you understanding our love dope remixes.

Alaia & Gallo do what they do best and that’s totally bring you to life with the energy they deliver on a track the touch. This track is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the dance floor and show everyone your shuffling skills. The way this track comes out to you, you will have no choice but to obey what it wants from you and this is to share your moves and help the DJ in bringing down the house.

The vocals of course are nice and clear on the beat, therefore giving you every but of opportunity to join the crew we love so much (singalong!). Each instrument on this beat is layered perfectly, not overpowering anyone other or the vocals. A dope track that deserves your attention.


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