Perfect Way To Get Off Your Seat

              Danny Howard


Looking for something to get your shuffling juices flowing and your body jittering on the dance floor with an infectious beat? Well it’s a good job Danny Howard & Guz delivered this banger cos that is exactly what this new tune will have you doing.... dancing!

This tune is going to be heard around the clubs not just in London but around the way as we fastly approached the season we all know and love, festival season. ‘All That Dancin’ is one of those tracks that you wonder why you haven’t heard it yet as it’s super dope and has everything you could want to get you up and dancing. From the nice up tempo beat and the infectious instruments to the lyrics that will stick in your head and refuse to leave your soul until to sing them out and join the famous, singalong crew!

This one has the sole purpose and having you throw all your issues to the side and enjoying life. Music hits your soul and makes you feel good and we are more than happy Danny Howard and Guz came together for this one.


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