Wednesday, 18 July 2018 15:25

The Manor - Ibiza

With Festival Season underway, Ibiza Is A Track You Need

              The Manor


Following the release of their highly-anticipated track ‘Tyson Fury’, one of the most infamous emerging acts in London, The Manor, return with a pure statement of summer intent with their latest offering ‘Ibiza’. Taking a hook from Bob Marley’s classic ‘Sun is Shining’, the family loved it on first play and it’s one of the only samples in recent years that’s been cleared by the Marleys themselves.

The track sees Scotty Stacks flowing through an epic holiday encounter in his trademark laid-back style, ‘Ibiza’ balances a gorgeous, grooved-out baseline and Balearic horns bringing a sun-filled swagger to what’s shaping to be one of the club heaters of the summer.

Beginning as three friends from Beckenham, south London scheming on their fag break during college, MCs Danny Graft, Scotty Stacks and Jonny Dutch started fusing UKG with elements of grime and rap to a fierce sense of local pride and a love of their community. Starting to put on shows - essentially parties for themselves and their mates – they started building a serious reputation; Inner-city hustle mixed with local love has swiftly caught the attention of the increasingly heavyweight tastemakers including NOISEY, RWD, SHORTLIST, RED BULL, CLASH and BBC R1Xtra as well as The Streets’ founder Mike Skinner who personally secured them as main support for their huge upcoming UK tour.

Selling out the O2 Forum in a matter of minutes in April, the same cult following promises incredible scenes at Wireless, Rize and Reading & Leeds this year, as well as a massive set at Ibiza Rocks in August with Craig David. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting emerging acts in the UK right now, it’s only a matter of time before The Manor build to the kind of culture shift that’s so evident live. ‘Ibiza’, with a blessing from a bonafide legend, means The Manor look inescapable this summer.


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Saturday, 14 July 2018 09:30

AZTX - My Song

New Track Set To Create Waves



AZTX are a duo in their early twenties from Blackpool - they started playing in cover bands at 16 and have steadily graduated to now writing & producing for international artists including the likes of Detroit cult singer Apropos.

Now the duo come through with their debut release "My song”, featuring emerging UK singer/songwriter Blakey, another red-hot emerging artist who’s recent debut release ‘Prism of love’ has gathered over 1.4 Million streams, featuring on the likes of NOISEY, NOTION MAGAZINE and HILLY DILLY.

This new track sparks and shines with pop hooks and the kind of glossy melody that will bring serious comparisons to the slick, mainstream-ready gems of Chainsmokers and Panama Wedding. An upbeat, fresh debut from an act you’ll be hearing a lot more from this year.


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Saturday, 14 July 2018 09:18

David Rojas - Waterfalls

Emerging Talent Displays Great Music

              David Rojas


Emerging 23 year-old producer David Rojas started making music at the age of eight, just himself and a piano. It wasn't until his older brother introduced him to urban Latin music, however, that he moved into production. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden from Chilean parents, David has absorbed influences from a spectrum of styles.

Already remixing for the likes of major superstars like Enrique Iglesias (getting him his first multi-million stream video), the emerging beatmaker’s comet-like entrance into the scene sees him working with the likes of Puerto Rican legend Bad Bunny and Natti Natasha. ‘Waterfalls’ is an introduction to his huge crossover potential, featuring fellow emerging Swedish singer/songwriter Sixten. Polished, slow-burning club heaters, David’s initial offerings showcase his colossal ambition and prodigious talent, and a signature skill for bringing emerging artists with him. His forthcoming release with Swedish-Brazilian rapper and songwriter, Julimar Santos, is case in point.

Speaking on ‘Waterfalls’, David states: "I remember driving on the highway on my way to the studio: the sun was setting and I just couldn’t find the perfect song to listen to at that moment that sounded how the sky looked. I got to the studio and made the instrumental with that in my mind. Later, we got the idea of putting some male vocals on it and found Sixten - he came to the studio, we wrote the lyrics and recorded it all the same day.”


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Friday, 06 July 2018 14:14

Violet Days - Just A Little - Remixes

A Mixture Of Different House Vibes

              Violet Days


Violet Days is the artistic project of Swedish singer and songwriter Lina Hansson, with production by her creative partner Kris Eriksson. Part of a burgeoning scene of young, talented Swedish artists, Violet Days crafts addictive, bass-heavy, alternative pop as ethereal as it is unapologetically huge.

Following the critically-acclaimed release of their recent track ‘Somber’ ft. morgxn, “Just A Little” is arguably the finest track we have heard from the emerging talent and puts them on a level of pure melodic prowess last seen with the likes of Robyn.

Producer Kris Eriksson, who crafted one of the biggest hits of the past few years in Chainsmokers’ ‘Paris’, shows his mastery is still very much intact with a beautiful marriage of huge synth and the kinds of hooks that you’d expect from one of the most exciting emerging musicians coming out of northern Europe right now.

Now with a new remix package featuring the likes of BRKLYN, Alex Ariete, Franklin and James Bluck, the Swedish act continue to underline their emergence as one of the most gifted and hotly-tipped new acts in the pop genre. Violet Days is here to stay, and with this new package involving some serious emerging names, it’s a timely reminder of the sheer size of the original release.


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Friday, 06 July 2018 14:04

Kabutey - Euro African American

A Mixture Of Different House Vibes



Check out this submission sent in by Kabutey. A fresh sound for a the fresh drops and we think you can have a good time soaking in these tracks as each one offers something very different. Below is what Kabutey had to say on the EP.

'Euro African American' is an EP celebrating my heritage. Euro because my great grand father is French from Marseilles. African because i was conceived by Ghanaian parents and raised in Ghana, West Africa. American because i was born in Brooklyn and currently live in New York.

Three different countries so you know that there music influences are going to be all over the place. Check out the sounds.


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Friday, 06 July 2018 12:55

CamelPhat - The Solution EP

Oh, CamelPhat drop ANOTHER banger



So it seems CamelPhat enjoy dropping tracks to get everyones attention and the latest EP, The Solution EP is no different as fans are going ape sh*t online over these new tracks. So let’s take a look at what’s going on with the first track off the EP, The Solution

Bringing in some Futuristic sounds from the get go, it seems there’s a bit of a Future House influence with this track. The build up is an absolute gas tank as the vocals before the drop will definitely have you on your way on the dance floor. And then when the beat drops.... oh my word the sounds coming from the speakers just too sick to even contemplate not attacking the dance floor with your hands in the air and you screaming at the top of your longs.

If you’re the kind of shuffler that likes to lose their voice and enjoys leg cramps and sore shoulders from all the dancing you do, then we suggest you thank CamelPhat as this track is ram packed with heavy base, infectious bars and some sweet beats fused into one seriously party track. Festivals lovers are gona hear this and go wild.


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Saturday, 30 June 2018 18:23

Gotsome - Everybody Know Now

Gotsome Got Another One



We all know how gotsome get down with their infectious tunes, it seems the guys have yet another club banger on their hands as the newest track getting the attention, ‘Everybody Know Now’ is becoming a fan favourite.

You know how the story goes, Gotsome give us some fire for the streets and we all get burned shuffling through the soles of our trainers. And this story is no different from any other banger released by the guys as this new one will more than ensure you tire yourself out from dancing and most definitely will have you looking at new trainers. The head nodding is going to be a permanent fixture with this one too as the beat just entices you to throw parts of your body into the rhythm and this will result in the infamous head nod familiar with most Gotsome tracks.

You know we’re a fiend for some sick vocals to get your vocals chords going and have you trying your best to get into the singalong crew and believe us, this is one of those tracks that will play on your mind until you know all the words and then after you know the words... game on!


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Saturday, 30 June 2018 18:18

Mark Hill - Where Do You Go?

Even More Evidence That Class Is Permanent

              Mark Hill


With all the summer tracks being released it’s absolutely refreshing to see a legend in Mark Hill give us a gentle reminder that not only can he rival all creators and bring the best vibes to a track. He will never lose the touch needed to create a flipping banger. All these guys need to remember that this gentleman is one of the reasons most DJs/Producers do what they love today so we want to bring to your attention this absolute banger of a track in ‘Where Do You Go?’

Giving you the garage vibes essential for having a nice time during the festival season, Mark Hill delivers what could be one of the bangers of season. A garage infused track with the necessities required to get you zoning out with your hands in the air. From some smooth vocals that lay perfect on the beat and don’t overpower or get drowned out to a lovely & slightly sped up tempo’d beat with some great instruments on show.

We believe this is the track that will bring you back to your pure garage days and aid you in reliving the days when garage ruled. A touch of class in this one, Mark Hill has smashed this one out the park and ain’t no one catching this one. It’s in orbit!


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Saturday, 30 June 2018 18:09

Too Many Zooz X KDA

This is for those Heavy Bass lovers

              Too Many Zooz


Looking for some heavy bass and a reason to bang your head up and down, this is going to be right up your alley as every part of this track was created to get your dancing juices flowing and over pouring!

This remix of ‘Warriors’ is not only carrying some serious baseline but has just enough of everything else to have you charged up and ready to let rip on the dance floor. The trumpet is a big factor in this revamp and gets a lot of action so don’t come be so surprised when you’re shuffling away to bass carrying trumpets. The build up to the drops are just as exciting as the main course of the track with so much going on, we firmly believe this is one that won’t have you sitting down in the club.

The ramped up beat and extra toppings that KDA brings to this track is just what the doctor ordered as now there is so much going on that you won’t have time to stop. Trying to digest what’s going on in this track is going to take a lot of plays so be prepared to have this one repeat and have your feet hurting from all that damn dancing


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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 13:30

Big Swingz X Mercston collab

Big Swingz Joins Forces with Mercston

              Big Swingz


Big Swingz, originating from the Grime Crew, Mucky Wolf Pack has released the visuals for his latest single, ‘C’est La Vie’ featuring one of our favourite artists, Mercston, aka Tempo Specialists.

Premiered via GRM Daily, the East Londoners are styling for both the visual and the track as they celebrate the high life. Paired with a trap-fuelled beat that incorporates an enchanting melodic synth, the heavy bass undertone makes for s sense of animosity in this bubbling number that has been welcomed by fellow artists and GRM Daily fans alike.

Offering a unique perspective both lyrically and visually, Big Swingz is one of the most promising talents to emerge from the UK scene of late, delivering a run of singles that has seen his popularity consistently grow. Tracks include ‘Rome’, ’Ten Toes’ ‘Forest Gump’ and ‘Free Bird’, seeing him accumulate rising views for his online visuals. With an eclectic musical taste that has allowed him to develop a cross-over sound, his music has garnered support from publications such as Trench and Mixtape Madness as well as radio stations including Kiss FM.

Beginning his musical venture as a member of Mucky Wolf Pack, Big Swingz has previously collaborated with Rascals, Villain, Cadell and Tempz as well as featuring on the likes of grime favourites such as Risky Roadz and Practise Hours. His understanding of the scene paired with his musical growth stands Big Swingz in a strong spot as one to keep a close eye on over the coming months


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