Friday, 19 January 2018 12:30

Kharmelo - Feels Like

Strong vocals blending just right with this beat



Looking for that track to have on repeat for the rest of the week? For that track that has the lyrics you can sing along to with ease for the whole week and beyond? Or do you just wana hear that super dope music cos that’s what you deserve? Kharmelo is here with ‘Feels Like’ a brand new banger set to stay for a while.

Check out this super sick fusion of instruments in one track as Kharmelo delivers one of those tracks that will have you trying to do way too much at once. This one is a mixture of straight House with a twist of Deep House elements, this meaning you will ready to chill out to this one and then as the track drops.... its shuffle time!

The lyrics are nice and tell a story which goes well with us. Easy to sing along to and allow you all to pretend to be able to hit those high notes. The vocals never feel as if they are doing too much and the beat doesn’t over shadow the beat at all, so it’s a sick combination.


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2018 Already Banging With This One!



German duo Moonbootica have taken the prize for Track of The Week! Do It Do Me feat Nneka ticks all the boxes with a deep bassline and a striking vocals means it had to be this weeks winner. Courtesy of our boy Apres on Kiss Fresh we managed to get ears on this one on the DL!

With a number of remixes and now doing the rounds we're certain you'll be heard some more of this track of the next few months. For us it's all about the original mix but the "Dillistone Remix" & "Kyle Watson" are doing some bits!

We've included the Original Mix below, so you can get your head nod & bassface on! Share your comments & let us know if it's worthy of Track of The Week Status....?

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Track of The Week Is Back With A Bang Redlight Ft Sweetie Irie 'Zum Zum'



What happens when legendary MC & Vocalist Sweetie Irie teams up with dirrty hit maker and thirty noise producer Redlight, one word "Banger"

For those who don't know Redlight has been dropping bombs since 2009 with 'Source 16' & club smash 'Get Out My Head' so it's no surprise that he's back stronger than ever with another ridiculous bassline number

This release 'Zum Zum' has a more bashment vibe with the distinct vocals of Sweetie Irie but true to form Redlight hits us hard with his trademark bassline and uptempo beatz which is why it had to be our Track of the Week.

Redlight was ever gonna disappoint with the tracks he has in his library, class is permanent and we're hoping for more from the man himself in 2018. Out on Lobster Boy 8th December. Enjoy!


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Riggi & Piros - Memories ft Mark Borino - Track of The Week

              Riggi & Piros


Coming in straight from the first second with a Future House sound with some sick vocals layered over it is 'Memories' and we can say that this track has a hell of a lot going on with it in every positive way possible.

This track from the get go lets you know what you are in store for as the sick vocals and the feel from the beat gives you that feeling that you are due to get on the dance floor with this one. This blend during the beat from is literally too much to handle, add to that the build ups literally will not be able to help yourself from breaking it down wherever you may be. This is a shufflers dream as each section of this track is at a high tempo, the baseline is crazy and the vocals are too smooth to not want to sing to.

A mixture of Future like sounds giving you that Future House feel topped with some very dope vocals that do not interrupt the flow of the track but instead, adds to it. Great track.



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Shadow Child Is Back With A Bang - Ooh Tune - Track of The Week

              Shadow Child


We have a lot of time for Shadow child because to say he does amazing things with his music is an understatement. So when we are sent to listen to a track by Shadow Child... oh hell yeah, we knowwww it's gona be a legit banger

Coming with some super hard bass, Shadow Child doesn't waste any time and let's you know from the beginning that this track is gona have you sweating wherever you are listening to this. Living Room, Train to Work, Driving, it will not matter as the addictive dance beat will take over your body. Just instruments going hard, we love it.

This is exactly what we expected from Shadow Child, a beat that will come hard in your ears making your screw your face up and still find a way to have you nodding your head in a smooth fashion as the track progresses. Club banger to say the least!

The guy who gave our ears the sublime 'Friday' and the evergreen track in 'Piano Weapon' will always deliver no matter what. Shadow Child is here to stay and we are happy



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Camelphat & Elerderbrook - Cola Franky Rizardo Remix - Track of The Week



So it is safe to say we all love 'Cola' and put on our best shuffling shoes when we went to clubs to give that epic track the shuffle is deserved. Now it is time to do the exact same thing people and show some epic love to the super dope remix live and direct courtesy of the super talents Franky Rizardo

This remix just reminds us of how amazing the original was and how great Mr Rizardo is for bringing the tune back into our ears, with his own twist and it's just as sick as the original. The changes are subtle but recognisable, giving you extra time on the beat to show your moves on the dance floor and make Camelphat & Elderbrook Proud. We all love the lyrics and it's safe to assume you will be joining the ever present singalong crew when "she can't tell the difference" is sung..

An already smash hit banger refined and brought out to do the same thing the original did and that is to take musical ears and get people braking it down on the dance floor. UHM Out!!! .


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What A Collab Wizkid & Bucie "All For Love"



Wizkid has done more than enough to put his music in your library. But with this next one, Wizkid has done the ultimate and collaborated with our favourite female artist and legend, Bucie.

We all know the caliber of Bucie so you know that this track was always bound to be of a certain level and to our enjoyment, it is. Wizkid is great in his own right and hanging with Bucie on this one shows his alities and skills as well.



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Sunday, 13 August 2017 12:10

Moon Boots & Fiora

Moon Boots' Drops An Absolute Smash With 'I Want Your Attention'

              Moon Boots

This weeks track to look out for is for sure, Moon Boots' hidden gem of a track, 'I Want Your Attention'.

This track really does have it all to get you fired up for the late arrival of summer! This track is straight from the Soulful road with a super smooth beat and some of the smoothest beats you will hear on a track this summer for sure

We all can see summer is approaching and we all crave those summer grooves to vibe out to, Moon Boots has produced an absolute soulful summer banger to get those arms waving, those heads nodding and those vocal chords of your in tune!

Make sure you enjoy this one on us.......'I Want Your Attention' Track of The Week

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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 04:10

Lika Morgan 'Holding On' Track of The Week!

Lika Morgan Brings The Fire With 'Holding On'

              Lika Morgan


For those who don't know we put in the work to make sure each week to bring the biggest new noise for your ear drums and we love it when we find an absolute JAMM!

This one from US Based Singer/Songwriter Lika Morgan has been on repeat this week, with slick vocals and dirrty bassline it had to be our track of the week! (It's an official title)

We're expecting this track to be doing the rounds this summer so don't forget where you heard it first, that's right from us, your House Connoisseurs @Urbanhousemusic!

Make sure you enjoy this one on us.......'Holding On' Track of The Week

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'Yeah Yeah' - Is Our Track Of The Week - Bodyrox - (Chocolate Puma Remix)

As you know finding the hottest, hardest, noisiest new house music each week is no mean feat, so when we find something to shout about, we have to share the love with our followers. This weeks track on repeat is a refix of a classic 'Bodyrox' 'Yeah Yeah' Chocolate Puma is taking the p!ss with this remix and had to be this week Track of The Week and a must for the download list!

              Chocolate Puma

'Yeah Yeah' was a classic house tune of the early noughties so to some of you younger house heads you might not know what all the fuss is about, but with Chocolate Puma's remix via Spinnin' Records the track has a new lease of life for the new house raver

We're big fans of Chocolate Puma and their unique blend of House & Bass that makes this duo legends in the game

Spinnin Records have smashed getting these legends to refix an absolute classic and this is why it had to be our Track of The Week

Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah - Chocolate Puma on the Remix

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