Track of The Week Is Back With A Bang Redlight Ft Sweetie Irie 'Zum Zum'



What happens when legendary MC & Vocalist Sweetie Irie teams up with dirrty hit maker and thirty noise producer Redlight, one word "Banger"

For those who don't know Redlight has been dropping bombs since 2009 with 'Source 16' & club smash 'Get Out My Head' so it's no surprise that he's back stronger than ever with another ridiculous bassline number

This release 'Zum Zum' has a more bashment vibe with the distinct vocals of Sweetie Irie but true to form Redlight hits us hard with his trademark bassline and uptempo beatz which is why it had to be our Track of the Week.

Redlight was ever gonna disappoint with the tracks he has in his library, class is permanent and we're hoping for more from the man himself in 2018. Out on Lobster Boy 8th December. Enjoy!


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Gil Everest Delivers With 'Higher' On Senssual Records


              Gil Everest

Gil Everest presents his fresh new single “ Higher “ on Senssual Records. Amazing dance/house music track perfect for the most tasty dancefloors. Great vocals, sexy bass line and top guitar melodies surrounding the song and creatinga super cool vibe, excellent job from the swiss artist based in Lausanne. A must for your playlist !!!

Gil Everest currently performs at international electronic dance music events such as the Street Parade in Zurich, Switzerland to name a few. His partnership with Senssual Records whose key objective is to search for and discover new talent, is the perfect match

Senssual Records have a background of discovering outstanding artists and supporting them is our main focus, DJ/producers, musician or vocalists alike. Senssual Records is an Ibiza based Record Label known and appreciated for its quality dance / house music and annual compilations, whether it is funky house, tech house, pop house, future house or EDM.

We're big fans of senssual records and their latest release courtesy of Gil Everest is a banger!!

If you are a dj/producer of house, funky house or future house music, senssual records are keen to hear your work, feel free to submit your productions to them through their website 




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Friday, 20 October 2017 08:26

DJ Rae Is Back With 'Surrender'

Fresh Off The Back of Previous Release on Rated DJ Rae Is Back With 'Surrender'

              DJ Rae

For those that don't know Dj Rae's back catalogue is like a who's who of the scenes biggest house label anthems rolled into one

Her latest release ‘Surrender’ is another ridiculous banger from the multi-talented DJ Rae, who showcases her impressive talents as a Producer, Singer and Songwriter. The deep and uplifting track fuses bass and acid house elements, alongside Rae’s powerful vocal

On ‘Surrender’, DJ Rae says: "’Surrender’ started with my vocal and strings, then the dirty sounds and infectious cowbells found their way in. I got on a bit of an old school bassy trip with this one and it has been working nicely in my sets."

Rae's expansive discography is ever growing, with a host of major collaborations and solo works. Rae shares a great history with Defected Records since her first, self-penned release with the label, ‘Can’t Stop’ with Kings of Tomorrow became a house anthem. Rae's multi-faceted talent lead to her fast becoming an artist in demand, headlining tours as both a DJ and live act worldwide, with residencies at Ushuaïa and Pacha Ibiza, paving the way with confident productions such as ‘Hide U’ with Sandy Rivera, ‘Another Day’, ‘Deep In Your Love’ and the massive Top 20 release ‘Take Me Away’ with DJ S.K.T. Recent releases include ‘Yesterday’ On Armada, ‘Groove On’ on Spinnin’, ‘That Feeling’ on Get Twisted, ‘Harmony’ on Love & Other, ‘Sweat’ on Nothing Else Matters/Sony, and ‘Reachin’ on In The Loop.

Rae's talent is undoubtable and we expect her Rated label to be a huge success along with this banger of a release 'Surrender'

Buy/Stream Here


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This Week Noisey List Of Bangers & Floorfillers

We're back once again and you're in for a treat with this weeks Noisey List with tracks from Aevion, Merk & Kremont, Halogen & Mack & Diesel trust us when we say we've got you covered for that fix of new noisey. New Week = New Noise so let's get the week started with Aevion Banger 'Best In You'


Aevion - Best In You

“London based producer Aevion has drop this house banger on BMKLTSCH RCRDS on later this week
This deep house banger had to hit our Noisey List this week, with it's deep chilled tones, slick voices and bouncy break and bassline made for an instant hit for this one and cheeky entrance for list.




              Merk & Kremont

Avicii - Without You (Merk & Kremont Remix)

Merk & Kermont's remix of Avicii's summer hit is a must for the Noise List this week!
So I'm sure you've heard Avicii's 'Without You' this summer and if not where have you been hiding?? But, it's always nice to when someone delivers a sick remix of an already big tune to give the release some more legs and 'Merk & Kermont and dropped some heat with this one! Floorfillers column we think!



Halogen - Kid Again (ft. Molly Moore)

Atlanta based duo Halogen bring it deep with this banger this week and another one for the Noisey List. Voices from Molly Moore just give this one an deep and eerie feel, that along with the dirrty bassline make this one a must for the download
Check out the track below!
              Mack & Diesel

Mack & Diesel - Rock My Body

Ireland based duo Mack & Diesel our back on the Noisey List again, this time for their most recent release 'Rock My Body' and the boys haven't disappointed with this bassline driven banger. From previous releases we know what the boys are all about this yet again ticks all the right boxes and makes the download list for sure.
Check out the track below!
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Riggi & Piros - Memories ft Mark Borino - Track of The Week

              Riggi & Piros


Coming in straight from the first second with a Future House sound with some sick vocals layered over it is 'Memories' and we can say that this track has a hell of a lot going on with it in every positive way possible.

This track from the get go lets you know what you are in store for as the sick vocals and the feel from the beat gives you that feeling that you are due to get on the dance floor with this one. This blend during the beat from is literally too much to handle, add to that the build ups literally will not be able to help yourself from breaking it down wherever you may be. This is a shufflers dream as each section of this track is at a high tempo, the baseline is crazy and the vocals are too smooth to not want to sing to.

A mixture of Future like sounds giving you that Future House feel topped with some very dope vocals that do not interrupt the flow of the track but instead, adds to it. Great track.



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Ben Daley - Out Of My Life (Calippo Remix) - New Noise

              Ben Daley


Italian dance duo Luppi have announced their debut single, ‘What’s Love GotDeciding to show you show you super smooth vocals with an equally dope beat to set you on your way for the day. This Remix of 'Out of my Life' by Callipo is 100% down this alley way and more.

We love tracks that carry baseline but not the type that overpowers the entire track, this remix really does have it all from just enough bass for your needs to a Soulful like lead up up that then drops into a dance like beat. You can sway from side to side in a peaceful manner, nod your head up and down with conviction as you're feeling the track or do what we encourage and join the best crew in the world and that's the sing along crew as these vocals are infectious to say the least.

we love remixes when they are able to stand alone and be just as good as the original (otherwise it's kinda pointless right?). This remix is great, does the original proud and gives you a reason to go out tonight..



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Klyne ‘Break Away’ Falty DL Remix



Following the release of their highly acclaimed, eponymously-titled debut album on 30th June, singer Nick Klein and producer Ferdous Dehzad - together known as Klyne – continue to assault an expectant blogoshpere and national radio alight with their sophisticated, future-proof electronic pop - with the ‘Klyne’ LP already racing to over 15M combined streams on Spotify

With Klyne picking up heavyweight support across some of the most important platforms in music including i-D, PIGEONS & PLANES, THE FADER and NOISEY as well as receiving airplay support from BBC R1, 1Xtra, 6 Music and Beats1, Klyne’s debut album has undoubtedly been one of the most critically lauded of the year

With recent remixes coming from some of the hottest producers in the industry right now in LXURY and Mall Grab, the duo add to a suprlative package by enlisting heavyweight don Falty DL for a dreamily futuristic, choir-infused rework - adding a new layer of sophistication to an already superlative original.

Klyne continue to associate with a select and absolutely spot-on of producers – Falty DL just serves to add to the hype Klyne are already receiving in swathes.



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Monday, 02 October 2017 12:02

Exclusive Interview With FooR

We Caught Up Exclusively For An Interview With FooR

Straight off the back of their latest release '3 Words' we sat down for an exclusive chat to find out more about the track, what's good for the rest of 2017 and the story behind the group


Tell us, who are FooR?

We are a group of Producers, DJs, musicians & MCs from Southampton

How did the group get together?

We have all know each other for over a decade working in different areas of music. I was working on a solo Gavin Foord project and I was asked to remix a version of the garage classic 'I'm Sorry'. Aki & Dave were releasing music on my label as a garage group called Ape Like. I asked if they wanted to collab on the remix and we have worked together since!

You fully brought garage back with '3 Words'. What was the inspiration behind it and how was it working with Effie?

We wrote the chorus at the end of last year as part of a collab with Shaun Dean and I just loved the chorus, loved the vocal, so got Effie back in to write verses. She did such a great job the track just wrote itself after that pretty much, we wanted a proper happy, summery garage record. We have worked with Effie for years. She won an open mic contest I ran over 10 years ago, and she blew everyone away that day and has continued to blow everyone away since.

What do you wish to achieve with '3 Words'?

We just want to play a part in bringing UK Garage back to where it once was!

Get Your Copy of 3 Words Feat Effie Out Now!!! 

Pure Garage Garden Party....(without us?! scratches your names off Christmas list!). How was it? Atmosphere, the other DJ's and the fans. Must have been crazy fun...

Haha you guys are always welcome to any of our gigs you know that! We wanted to throw a party that captured what we wanted the Pure Garage album to be, a showcase of DJs, producer, artists, MCs that are making or promoting new UK Garage music! The atmosphere was incredible everyone that performed was incredible, it honestly couldn't have gone any better..

So you did a Pure Garage mix and it sounds amazing. Tell us about track selection and how hard it was choosing songs...

It was a long process because we wanted to make sure we didn't just select tracks that were our favourite garage tracks but rather select the best garage records that were out there! So we called DJ's, producers, artists old and new, asked them what there favourite tracks were, which artists were doing it for them at the moment. We listened to radio shows, podcasts, DJ Mixes, but not just from the bigger DJs/Radio stations we listened to anything we could find that was supporting new garage music so we could give a true representation of current UK Garage music. From that we had a list of around 140 tracks which we whittled down to 90, then from that 90 we put together 60 tracks over 3 CDs. Some amazing tracks didn't make it on, which was a real shame but we were over the moon with the end product!

Looking at your tour dates, you guys will be out and about for sure. How much are you looking forward to it? Hope you bring the energy to Luna Croydon as that's a local for some of us!

Well as I said earlier you guys are always welcome to any of our gigs, come down! We love playing out, travelling the world sharing our music with people has always been our dream, we are very lucky to be living our dream!

What are your musical influences that drive you guys when creating music?

We all have different tastes, so have many so different influences! Production-wise, Wookie, MJ Cole, Sunship, Zinc to name a few! DJ wise our sets are influenced by Heartless Crew as we all we grew up watching and listening to them!

What does the future hold for you guys in terms of shows and new music?

We have the full release of '3 Words' on the 29th September, the music video for it drops on the 2nd October! We have some very exciting music coming out on our Yosh label and after that you will just have to wait and see.

Check out the Mini Mix from FooR Incredible Pure Garage the word 'DIRRTY' comes to mind!!

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Shadow Child Is Back With A Bang - Ooh Tune - Track of The Week

              Shadow Child


We have a lot of time for Shadow child because to say he does amazing things with his music is an understatement. So when we are sent to listen to a track by Shadow Child... oh hell yeah, we knowwww it's gona be a legit banger

Coming with some super hard bass, Shadow Child doesn't waste any time and let's you know from the beginning that this track is gona have you sweating wherever you are listening to this. Living Room, Train to Work, Driving, it will not matter as the addictive dance beat will take over your body. Just instruments going hard, we love it.

This is exactly what we expected from Shadow Child, a beat that will come hard in your ears making your screw your face up and still find a way to have you nodding your head in a smooth fashion as the track progresses. Club banger to say the least!

The guy who gave our ears the sublime 'Friday' and the evergreen track in 'Piano Weapon' will always deliver no matter what. Shadow Child is here to stay and we are happy



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Josh Butler ft Boswell - Be Somebody - New Noise Alert!

              Josh Butler


We know we keep saying "DFTD will never let you down" but for crying out loud, they really do not let you down and prove how sick they are on a weekly basis. Again hitting us with a super dope house banger in ' Be Somebody'. We love a Soulful house track and the vibe coming from this one is Soulful with a hint of dance.

Josh Butler and Boswell absolutely smashed this one out the park as everything about this track is just too much. The build up in the beginning is sick, layered with the equally dope vocals gives it a feel good feeling

The vocals are not too overpower but just strong enough to command the beat and be heard at the forefront. The Soulful drop comes and is just great with it seemingly being so smooth, adding to the beats' dopeness. The lyrics sound fun and easy to sing along to so really and truly, this track has everything you need in a top track



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