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New Noise List You Need

Tracks To Have You Catching A Vibe Part 1

So we have decided to give you guys a list of bangers that really should be in your library. All these tunes are sick in their own way and give you their own vibe so you can skank out in your own space.

From Soulful House to Grime music, we scour as much parts of the world as possible to give what we believe are dope tunes which have a long shelf life . 

Sit back, put your headphones on and listen to tracks we think will have you up on your feet!





Manga has maintained his own sound and style and never varied off throughout the years. 'True To Me' displays Manga's lyrical talent over a sick Grime beat alongside JME & Frisco. Speak of Grime Originals and Manga's name is on the list, no arguments.




AJ Tracey

A little different to the smash that was just released in 'Butterflies', AJ Tracey switches it up and brings his hard rap flows back with this new one in 'LO(V/S)ER'. Gritty and hard video to match the equally gritty lyrics being said by the West London Rapper.



Doing a good job in prolonging our summer vibes, Chip delivers a dope summer fusion track in 'My Girl' with Red Rat. This is another track that proves Chip really can go over any beat and deliver a smash. Red Rat was exactly what was needed for this beat.... o noooooo.



We always say a remix has to be just as good as the original or better and this Dance / Deep House fused remix of 'This Is America' will have you on your feet throughout. Whether you wanna shuffle or scrunch your face up to the heavy bass, this remix caters to all.


Igor Frank

With Festival season coming to a close it's a good job Igor Frank has produced a Deep House banger to help us all relive the Festival lifestyle we all adopted during the summer. Adding in the soulful breaks and the smooth voice for the lyrics, singalong crew is back.

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Monday, 12 February 2018 07:41

Peznt - Kume

You need to be in earshot of this one



Ready to get to shuffling this Monday with some House music designed to get you off your feet and doing your thang? Then you need to be tuned in to Peznt and what they are currently doing in music.

This only kind of words that should come into your mind while listening to this banger are “positivity”, “Shuffle”, “Banger”, Peznt have most definitely done this tune justice as everything about this just sounds epic. From the lyrics to the feelings the track gives you, to the arrangement of the track and how subtle but dope the drop is. This is one of those tracks that will have you focused on the music rather than what you were doing so watch out, if you was pumping this tune and doing the dishes.... those dishes gon get forgetting about.

‘Kume’ is one of those tracks we talk about that are able to blend different sub genres of House music and create a super sick track that can hit all House lovers ears. If you are one of those people who just prefer Tech House or Deep House etc, ‘Kume’ can more than meet you expectation as Peznt have done their work on this track to ensure lovers of all music can fall in love with this super sick track. Watch out for ‘The Pelin EP’ which has some other super sick bangers in the House holster for your eardrums.


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Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper Come Hard With This Remix

              Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper


American duo Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper get us back to our house roots with deep house remix of Yotto & You Are Me's 'Anything About You' with deep house synths and dirty shuffles this one brings that deep house vibe

Released on SoSure Music and part of the Remixes package Kenny Summit's & Eric Kupper's remix is our pick and part of our new news this week!

Check out the release below courtesy of our buddies over at Beatport. Share your comments & thoughts below!




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Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:27

No Need - Zaio Remix

When Has Selected Ever Let You Down? Never!



When you see a track over at Selected, we normally give it a listen as they rarely steer you wrong with smash hit songs as well as those hidden gems that no one has heard yet. And for us, this Zaio Remix of ‘No Need’ is just that, a hidden gem!

The remix is meets our opinion of having to be just as good as or better than the original as the build up to the drops are super sick and the vocals chopped up over the beat sound super sick. The vocals will stick in your as they come across as super addictive so don’t be surprised if this one doesn’t leave your head for a while!

Not so much of a typical House shufflers anthem but more of a nice Soulful one with a hint of Deepness added to it ever so slightly. You will be dancing to this one but your moves will be more disciplined as you will need rhythm to get into this one.


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Giani Bini & The Rituals - Shake Your Booty - New Noise

              Giani Bini & The Rituals


You know the place to be around is the DFTD area jussssst in case you hear something super sick or you're given something super sick and this track is absolutely no different from all the bangers coming out of DFTD that's for sure.

This track all the ingredients to make you break up with you chair and get into a relationship with the dance floor orrrr make a dance floor our of the space in the kitchen, living room, train, bus.... you get it yet? you WILL be up and moving this this super sick track and that is what you wanted so that is what we gave you.

The lyrics will induct you into the sing along crew hall of fame as you won't stop singing this infectious lyrics and that if you had no idead how to shuffle before you heard this song, believe us this track is a great teacher of shuffles. We love where this track goes from start to finish with it's contagious bass drops and its super sick vocals, DFTD will never steer you wrong. New Noise Peeps.....UHM Out!!! .


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James Hype Does It Again With This Remix! 'Symphony' 




For those that don't know our New Noise Team has a mission, to find new house music that needs to be heard and each week they spend hours reviewing tracks for our Noisey List and this remix from James Hype has made the grade

With his usual style and finesse James Hype has managed to smash it out the park again and it had to be included in our noisey list

From our friends at Selected an official banger of the week Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - 'Symphony' - James Hype Remix!


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Kiesza's Back With Bakermat For Her Newest Riddim


Bakermat ft Kiesza – Dont Want You Back

Dutch producer and DJ Lodewijk Fluttert, better known as Bakermat, returns with Don’t Want You Back’ featuring KieszaOut via Dirty Soul, B1 Recordings and Ultra, the track will be available from the 2nd June

A crossover maestro, Bakermat’s latest project is a club ready cut perfect for dance floors across the globe. Canadian pop-songstress Kiesza’s soaring vocals filled with attitude are lusciously layered over a grooving piano melody and uplifting 4/4 beat. The outcome is a beautiful melting pot of pop-infused electronica

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Legend Kenny Dope Smashes This Remix - 'When I Luv'


              Kenny Dope


Come on now who doesn’t want to hear an R&B legend in Faith Evans over a house beat? Furthermore over a remix by a legend in Kenny Dope?.

Well that’s what we got in this super sick track by Mike City. With a fusion of dope vocals, sick lyrics and a lovely upbeat instrumental, this track is firmly one for the summer! The gaps in the track make it so you have time to shock out and strut your stuff. This track really has it all

Check out the riddim below Enjoy!!

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LiTek & rrotik – Make The Bass Drop, With 'Faasti' (Get Twisted Records)



Two of the hottest producers LiTek and rrotik join forces to unleash ‘Faasti’, released on Get Twisted Records on 2 June 2017.  

With a distinctive, dirty base line that just keeps building, combined with the deep, dark, distorted synths, ‘Faasti’ is set to be a huge hit for the production duo of LiTek and rrotik and a certain peak time floor filler.

With LiTek’s previous collaboration with Tom Zanetti and Curtis Clacey ‘UBER’ hitting the number 1 spot in the UK Music Week Club Chart in May 2017 and receiving widespread support, the Manchester-based producer has quickly become one of the UK’s most exciting names in bass/house music.

LiTek’s previous releases on Get Twisted Records, Pots & Pans and Drop That, gained support from industry heavyweights including Oliver Heldens, MK, Justin Martin, Low Steppa and many more. His unique and energetic sound hasn’t gone unnoticed with stand out remixes for Tough Love, Sam Sure and Rachel K Collier

Buy/Stream Here:




From the emerging South American dance music scene comes rrotik, a Brazil-based techno and house music trailblazer. With an eclectic array of styles under his belt, rrotik is making waves with his unique take on dance music.

Steady pumping bass lines, and catchy vocals combined with impeccable production quality can best describe his catalog. rrotik's name is becoming ubiquitous in the ever-growing techno and house music world

rrotik has seen previous releases supported by Claude Von Stroke, Low Steppa, Danny Howard,  Riton, Oliver Heldens and Don Diablo.

Buy/Stream Here:


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What Happens When Two Of The Biggest Names In House Get Together - 'Real Life' Track of The Week!

So when Gorgon City & Duke Dumont are on the same line up you know it's going to be a good night, so you can only imagine what it's going to be like producing on the track, well imagine no longer with this track entitled 'Real Life' and they've not disaapointed.

 Gorgon City x Duke Dumont

Between them Gorgon City x Duke Dumont have sold over 4.5million singles which tells it own story as to why these two giants of the game have such a legendary pull when it comes to Deep House Production and are flying the flag for the Deep House Scene as a whole. 

I guess bearing these things in mind it was inevitable that this was going to be this week Track Of The Week! 

Their latest single ‘Real Life’ is shows off their incredible ability to produce a banger ready for dance floors around the world.

A soulful melody supports a hefty low end and jacking rhythm, whilst NAATION’s slick vocals work perfectly over the top. Showcasing emerging talent, NAATION’s addition brings a pop element to the crossover single.  


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