Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:57

Ferreck Dawn X Robosonic - In Arms

Another One By Defected

              Ferreck D & Robosonic


Oh Defected have another banger? How many times have you asked this question to yourself or to a friend... in 2018 alone??? Cos for us, we have asked this a few times already this year and as usual, the answer is YES, yes they do have another banger.

The latest banger to come from the lovable Defected Records is ‘In Arms’. A dancefloor smash which really just has the sole purpose of getting you onto the dance floor and shaking what your mama gave you and more. This super sick track is courtesy of Dutch Producer Ferreck Dawn & German representative, Robosonic. These guys have decided to go head on with each other and produce and absolute banger which makes it to your play lists all day long.

Apparently during the Defected Australia tour, many fan favourites on the tour were giving this one a bit of a play during sets and it popped off down under. So we think you should be paying close attention to this.


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:29

Loud Luxury - Sex Like Me ft DYSON

Shuffling & Singing

              Loud Luxury


Looking for a one way ticket to Singalong Avenue and shuffle street? Then we suggest you get your best shuffler shoes on and hop on board as Loud Luxury have released an absolute banger in Sex Like Me

The vocals hit you straight away as the song starts and they are soulful and smooth, gliding over the beat for the entire song effortlessly without overpowering or being drowned out by the instruments. The lyrics are a bit saucy and sexual with the base of the track being “she can’t sex like me” but we are sure these cheeky lyrics will only have you hitting high notes faster than you normally would.

The beat has a nice blend of Dance and EDM elements but at the same time is radiating a bit of soulfulness which means it’s catering to as much ears as possible, something not all tracks can do. We need to be able to appreciate how dope this track is as we are sure this one will be all over the festivals and clubs over the summer.


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Thursday, 05 April 2018 09:03

Angie Releases Debut Album

New Album Out Now



Get the new album right here.

Check out the brand new album By Angie and her new single to join it. ‘Here For My Habits’ takes flight with unnerving, warped synths before opening up to Ängie’s sultry and intoxicating vocals. Breaking into brooding synth lines over dark, twisted production, the track is an emotive and tripped out journey blurring the lines and limits between the dealer/customer relationship.

Regarding the track Ängie says, “‘Here For My Habits’ is a song about my earlier experiences with dealers. Somehow, many of them have tried to hit on me, or even fallen for me. It’s a bit sad that you can’t be a girl and do anything without getting a sexual invitation.”.

‘Here For My Habits’ is the second track to be taken from Ängie’s upcoming debut album, Suicidal Since 1995, and follows the dark bass and rolling trap beats of lead single ‘Dope’. The song was released last month, with the no-holds-barred video clocking up well over 300K views on YouTube, and set the precedent for the darker, more emotive tip the debut album finds the Swedish singer taking.

Elsewhere on Suicidal Since 1995, Ängie enlists a heady rolling flow on ‘We Run’, while ‘Boss’ is a carefully crafted slow-jam R&B love song. ‘Coke Ain’t Brain’ is a bouncy slice of trap-pop addressing addiction, while the album closes with a dark bassy cover of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus In Furs’, made in homage to one of Ängie’s heroes and inspirations Lou Reed.

Each track on the album is accompanied by a limited-edition item of clothing especially designed by Ängie. The exclusive items of clothing are limited to 150 pieces each and available solely through The Hyv. The album release is also marked by a limited edition Suicidal Since 1995 hoodie.

Ängie burst onto the scene in 2016 and took the world by shock and awe with her debut single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’. The following singles ‘Housewife Spliffin’ and ‘Spun’ further cemented her status as one of the hottest names to come out of Sweden.

The songs have clocked up millions of views on YouTube and Ängie has had unofficial fan clubs established across the world in locations as far flung as Brazil and Russia. She has received critical praise from the broadsheets, scandalised the tabloids and became an overnight internet sensation.

Suicidal Since 1995 showcases a new and ever-more exciting side to Ängie, developing her sound in dark and unexpected ways that are sure to add to the huge acclaim she has received.


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Thursday, 22 March 2018 13:17

Marcos Cabral - Nature Walk EP

Pre Order the dope EP Now

              Marcos Cabral


Pre Order Right Here. New York’s Marcos Cabral steps up for his first full release on Dimensions Recordings, with the Nature Walk EP, dropping 13th April 2018. Following on from his epic ‘Prochainement’ masterpiece on Dimensions 002, the EP will be the sixth offering from the Dimensions Recordings powerhouse, providing a glimpse into the mind of well-established and hugely respected artist, Marcos Cabral.

‘Nature Walk’ is a broad EP that demonstrates just why Marcos’ records have been finding their way into a multitude of DJs’ bags for the last fifteen years. From his work with Jacques Renault as Runaway, and his coveted Hamilton Dance Records output, to his more recent deeper and darker leanings for leading labels such as Clone and Mule Musiq, Marcos has quietly and studiously worked at developing an impressive catalogue which most folks who have brushed with house and techno will have heard… whether they know it or not.

The EP provides a snapshot of some of the tastes and styles that Marcos has experimented with over the years, the rolling, energetic and optimistic sounding, not quite house, not quite techno of ‘Wishful’ gives way to the brooding, dub techno of title track, ‘Nature Walk’. ‘Cape Cod’ sees Marcos in classic, house mode with a cut that could easily have dropped on NYC’s Nu Groove Records, whereas ‘Rice A Roni' is a no nonsense nugget of twisted, grinding, acid. The EP rounds off with ‘Let’s See How The Light Goes Through It’, a spacey hypnotic workout for the late hours and a fitting end to a stand out EP from the self proclaimed, Hardest Working Man! Already garnering global support from Larry Heard, Antal, Josey Rebelle, Hunee, Mike Huckaby and Ralph Lawson.


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Monday, 12 February 2018 08:04

Jeorgia - Think Of Me

The vocals in this one are special!



Vocal powerhouse Jeorgia delivers stripped-back sultry vocals in her retrospective single ‘Think Of Me’. Reflecting on the turmoil of past relationships Jeorgia delves into an introspective mind-set as she reiterates the million-dollar question; does he still ‘Think Of Me’.

Her emotive vocals echo through the depths of the track, which is laced with a crisp yet delicate tone that showcases her fine tuned vocal range. The stripped back, piano-led instrumental remains the backdrop of the track and the isolation of her vocals creates a sense of vulnerability, yet a strong sense of strength rises through as her compelling tone is given the space to shine.

Jeorgia's incredible vocal ability is unquestionable and the south London native was the one of the first artists to be signed to the recently created Amy Winehouse Management. Having built a loyal following via the release of standout YouTube covers, she also received recognition on Link Up TV where she performed her own renditions of Adele's ‘Someone Like You’ on the hugely popular ‘Behind Barz’ series

Music is the catalyst that fuels Jeorgia’s creativity and her stunning voice harbours her passion for the art. Delving into the realities of moving on and heartbreak ‘Think Of Me’ paints the perfect picture

“This song is for anyone who has an Ex, its the most thought of thing when a relationship ends, we all wonder about it, but seldom say it , I sung it.’ – Jeorgia


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Monday, 12 February 2018 07:49

Goldsmoke - I'm Not Looking

Brothers back again with a banger



Following the success of previous singles ‘Like This’ and ‘All Falls Down’, some of the most influential tastemakers in the blogoshpere have praised London-based brothers Goldsmoke for their polished, inventive and soulful sound. Tom and Nick Shirm have been described as one of the most impressive emerging sounds of the year and are now turning the heat up on 2018 with their latest release ‘I’m Not Looking’.

This latest offering is packed with upbeat grooves, and the soulful vocals that have fast become a staple of the brother’s smooth, cultured sound. ‘I’m Not Looking’ adds to a rapidly expanding repertoire of classy future-soul heaters and demonstrates the consistently high level of output Goldsmoke are capable of.

Speaking on the track, the brothers state: "For the month of valentine, this is our modern day love song, an ode to internet and app based dating"

Fusing their own unique, modern future-soul inflections Goldmsoke continue to gain solid support across BBC Introducing and court praiseworthy comparisons to a Honne or AlunaGeorge-like sound. Yet another stand-out track from a duo looking to set a fire under the tastemaker world this year. The brothers continue to stake their claim as definite ones to watch for the year.


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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 18:14

EP's are they still important?

Extended Play or not to Extended Play. That is the question

              Editorial Team


This week we ask the question how important are EPs anyway? Those of you how share the Twitter love with us would have seen we've received some mixed responses to this question. With digital music dominating our life's nowadays and physical music a thing of the past are EPs still relevant?

Back in the day an EP was a pre-release to an album or a way of showing off new work an artist or producer had been working on. With the self life of digital music being so short as we constantly search for the next big thing we suspect EPs could become a thing of the past, but to us music lovers, it's such an important thing to understand an artist's work.

We love a decent EP, do you? Let us know your thoughts. Join the debate below add your comments or share some social love. UHM out!


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Friday, 19 January 2018 11:41

Luvian - Bones

Warm, Melodic track ’Bones’ out now via Ultra Music



‘Bones’ is a dreamy embodiment of work, blending playful keys, guitar riffs and complex beat-making with the rich vocals of Jack Hawitt. Combining synthetic sounds, the sonics of ‘Bones’ blend together to form an eclectic production filled with character and atmosphere.

A producer, songwriter and musician - some of the many facets shaping Luvian’s output as an artist, he quickly gained recognition through his Soundcloud uploads. With his back catalogue is filled with gems including the likes of ‘Valley Girl’ and his unofficial remix of Bon Iver’s ‘Holocene’ to name a few, he released his debut EP ‘Memories’ in 2016, with tracks ‘Forest’ and ‘Dayglo’ surpassing 5 million Spotify streams collectively.

‘Bones’ demonstrates the dynamic producing talents of Luvian, laced with Jack Hawitt’s smooth singing abilities. Set to have an exciting year ahead, the British artist will deliver his eagerly-awaited second EP titled, ‘A Time & Place’ due out later this year


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Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:18

'Piece Of Me' Out Now Feat Gia

Vocal’s Are What’s In Right Now!



You really need to check out this dope track with a really good singer and one of those infectious beats that will not leave your head for a long time. Trust us, we know!

T2 have brought together some dope instruments and constructed this super sick beat that gives you a feeling of soulful blended with a bit of straight house no chaser. Designed to have you shuffling wherever you are and given 0 fracks about who is witnessing your epic dance moves. Add to this melodic type of beat, GIA and her sublime vocals that sit so perfect on the beat. The lovely singer does this song harm and makes the song that bit more interesting to sing!

We hope T2 are creating more House ish type tunes as this track is a banger!


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Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:08

The Magician Smashes this Remix

So Much Going On In This Remix!

              The Magician


Okay so we know the original of ‘Run This Town’ is a banger. We asked on twitter the other day, “if a remix of a tune is released, does it have to as good as or better than the original?”, The general answer was yes, unless the producer is attempting a whole new sound or trying to reach a new audience. This remix by The Magician is just as good, if not better than the original.

This track really does have it all from the looped singalong lyrics to sing along with to a beat doing some seriously crazy things throughout the whole track. The instruments used in this remix not have you short of dance ideas but instead, short of breath as you will be doing the most on the dance floor. This track is a classic for just getting down and strutting your stuff!

We need more Remixes from The Magician as he shows with this one, forget rabbits, he’s pulling bangers out of his hat!


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