Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:18

'Piece Of Me' Out Now Feat Gia

Vocal’s Are What’s In Right Now!



You really need to check out this dope track with a really good singer and one of those infectious beats that will not leave your head for a long time. Trust us, we know!

T2 have brought together some dope instruments and constructed this super sick beat that gives you a feeling of soulful blended with a bit of straight house no chaser. Designed to have you shuffling wherever you are and given 0 fracks about who is witnessing your epic dance moves. Add to this melodic type of beat, GIA and her sublime vocals that sit so perfect on the beat. The lovely singer does this song harm and makes the song that bit more interesting to sing!

We hope T2 are creating more House ish type tunes as this track is a banger!


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Camelphat & Elerderbrook - Cola Franky Rizardo Remix - Track of The Week



So it is safe to say we all love 'Cola' and put on our best shuffling shoes when we went to clubs to give that epic track the shuffle is deserved. Now it is time to do the exact same thing people and show some epic love to the super dope remix live and direct courtesy of the super talents Franky Rizardo

This remix just reminds us of how amazing the original was and how great Mr Rizardo is for bringing the tune back into our ears, with his own twist and it's just as sick as the original. The changes are subtle but recognisable, giving you extra time on the beat to show your moves on the dance floor and make Camelphat & Elderbrook Proud. We all love the lyrics and it's safe to assume you will be joining the ever present singalong crew when "she can't tell the difference" is sung..

An already smash hit banger refined and brought out to do the same thing the original did and that is to take musical ears and get people braking it down on the dance floor. UHM Out!!! .


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DJ Pioneer & TJ Ft Kele Le Rock - My Love - Sammy Porter On The Remix

              Kele Le Roc


We all know this track and it's safe to say we all love Kele Le Roc and the original as we know allll the lyrics. But this remix just released by Sammy Porter has just done wonders

Talking about smashing songs out of the park with a remix, Sammy Porter has done a super sick job with this known track that we all love. 'My Love' is 100% on your top 50 garage tracks so for someone to come and do a remix of it would have to be pretty good at their job and that is exactly what Mr Porter is.... good at his job!

The sing a long crew need not worry as the lyrics and the voice are the same so you can still pretend to be Kele Le Roc just like we do!



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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 11:26

Masala Remix By Pablo Fierro

Pablo Gives Us The Dirty Remix "Masala"

              Pablo Fierro


Looking for some drum action to get you in the mood to shake what your mamma gave you? This Soulful / Afro entwined track is just what we suggest.

This remix of Masala by Pablo is super dope, we feel he has done a sick job of fusing all these beats together as giving this out as the end result. The beat is infectious as hell and you wont be able to prevent yourself from showing all your moves and we are 100% sure, you won't be alone in doing so!

The subtle sound effects and voices layered around the track are genius and we encourage you all to get this one as Masala is making sure that summer is not over.



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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 11:15

The Layabouts Are Back With Imaani "Stay"

One For The Library The Layabouts & Imaani "Stay"

              The Layabouts


Sliding into your dms is this super soulful / deep fusion constructed by The Layabouts with the lovely voice of Imaani with, Stay. Most definitely one for your playlist.

The vocals are amazing and we are grateful Imaani was able to control this beat while not being overpowered which shows her skills.

The lyrics are easy to sing along to so don't be too surprised if you catch yourself getting your wiggle on and having a bit of a sing a long as this track is infectious.



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What A Collab Wizkid & Bucie "All For Love"



Wizkid has done more than enough to put his music in your library. But with this next one, Wizkid has done the ultimate and collaborated with our favourite female artist and legend, Bucie.

We all know the caliber of Bucie so you know that this track was always bound to be of a certain level and to our enjoyment, it is. Wizkid is great in his own right and hanging with Bucie on this one shows his alities and skills as well.



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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 08:38

Dario D'Attis smashes this one

Dario D'Attis Gives Us Some Feel Good Music

              Dario D'attis


Just because festival season is coming to a close does not mean that we have to stop giving you those super dope tracks that are festival ready. 'Sunshine People' is an absolute banger and has every you could want in a summer track, or in a track overall."

Dario D'Attis gives your ears a good seeing to with his upbeat tempo and his positive instruments spread throughout the song. Added to this dope beat are some nice singalong lyrics to get familiar with, making you join that illustrious Singalong Crew that we all love and subscribe to.

We love songs that are here to stay. And by that we mean, Dario has produced a track that will not go away with it's infectious head nodding and feet shuffling beat and it's lyrics for all to join in on. This isn't just for the summer, Dario has ensured you will be bumping this one through out the winter and 2018 too!

Defected never steer you wrong and with this track, they continue to do House Music good justice






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Friday, 21 July 2017 07:20

Dom Dolla Drop Be Randy!

Dom Dolla Brings The Shuffle With This Banger 'Be Randy'

              Dom Dolla

Looking to get on the dance floor and show off them shuffling skills you been holding back on throughout the winter?

Then this next one is just for you as ‘Be Randy’ is an absolute bass line beast on the dance floor and you will have no other option than to shuffle and give this track the respect it deserves.

Dom Dolla partners with Torren Foot for this super sick hard hitting House track and they pulled no punches in bring noise with this one

A super dope track with some much going on you have to just go wild when it plays. This is bass shufflers dream!.

Everyday we're shuffling!!!Enjoy!

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Friday, 21 July 2017 07:16

Koni X Rakan

Koni Brings The Vibe With This One 'LA Luv'


Soulful sensation with so really dope vocals is the only way to describe this super sick track as LA Luv is one you really need in your library

Koni has teamed up with the super talented Rakan and we are glad they have joined forces as the end result is this nice lil hidden gem of a track

This track gives you a nice feeling with this Soulful output and with the smooth vocals layered on top, it’s clear to see straight away how well each entity compliments each other

This is one to be sung and one to be uber chilled out to. We love those tracks that just take your stress away and command you to chill out while it’s being played.

This deep house banger is sure to be a hit this summerEnjoy!

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Friday, 21 July 2017 07:08

Rapson Gives Us Some Fire With 'Heat'

Rapson Gets Soulful With This Banger 'Heat'


Are you looking to get through the day with singing your heart away? Then this super dope Soulful House track will bring out the singer in you and have you hitting notes you never knew were possible.

Heat’ is a lovely Soulful House Track full of energy and a feel good sensation designed to get you through your day.

Lyrics are nice and slightly addictive so don’t be too shocked if you remember the lyrics after a few plays! With the sun coming out, ‘Heat’ is just what we ordered!

With this soulful house at it's finest and we've definitely got this to be on repeat all summer longEnjoy!

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