Wednesday, 22 August 2018 08:08

Marcelle Adrianna New EP

Welcoming you into her world, Marcelle Adrianna sprinkles sweet R&B, Pop and Soul to create her tantalising EP ‘The Prologue’.

              Marcelle Adrianna


Enriched with radiant vocals and glorious melodies Marcelle Adrianna provides us with the key to her mind as she unravels her thoughts and memories in her body of work ‘The Prologue’ EP. A snapshot into her life she relays her story which is woven together from conversations, voicenotes, voicemails, text messages and diary entries.

Paying homage to old school RnB, her EP encapsulates the nostalgic essence that radiate from everything composing the records, from instrumentals, lyrics her powerful voice and the delivery. From the stripped back nature of ‘Realise’ to the tantalising melodic gem ‘Fallin'’, the spellbinding EP explores the many crevasses of RnB. The lead single ‘Fall Back’ was exclusively premiered on DJ Ace’s Breakfast show on BBC Radio 1Xtra, with a flawless voice the single demonstrates pristine harmonies sealed together by an uplifting beat.

Inspired by the iconic sounds of Motown to more contemporary R&B, South London native Marcelle has a radiant voice that is submerged with an eclectic repertoire of inspirations. Growing up in a household filled with music and singing in church as a child, music became second nature to Marcelle. Living on a healthy diet of the iconic sounds of Motown and RnB, she spent her young years soaking up the likes of Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding to the modern day R&B sounds of Destiny's Child, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Keyshia Cole, Ashanti and Alicia Keys.

Her passion, drive and most importantly appreciation of music motivated her to embark on a music career of her own. In 2016 she quickly begun to make waves in the industry, from performances with the 1975 to collaborations with Melissa Steel her release debut came in 2017 with single ‘F.WU’ followed by 'How We Do'. Over the course of 2017 she assembled the music that would become ’The Prologue' EP, carefully etching together a catalogue of work demonstrating her fine-tuned vocal ability.


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Friday, 06 July 2018 14:04

Kabutey - Euro African American

A Mixture Of Different House Vibes



Check out this submission sent in by Kabutey. A fresh sound for a the fresh drops and we think you can have a good time soaking in these tracks as each one offers something very different. Below is what Kabutey had to say on the EP.

'Euro African American' is an EP celebrating my heritage. Euro because my great grand father is French from Marseilles. African because i was conceived by Ghanaian parents and raised in Ghana, West Africa. American because i was born in Brooklyn and currently live in New York.

Three different countries so you know that there music influences are going to be all over the place. Check out the sounds.


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Friday, 06 July 2018 12:55

CamelPhat - The Solution EP

Oh, CamelPhat drop ANOTHER banger



So it seems CamelPhat enjoy dropping tracks to get everyones attention and the latest EP, The Solution EP is no different as fans are going ape sh*t online over these new tracks. So let’s take a look at what’s going on with the first track off the EP, The Solution

Bringing in some Futuristic sounds from the get go, it seems there’s a bit of a Future House influence with this track. The build up is an absolute gas tank as the vocals before the drop will definitely have you on your way on the dance floor. And then when the beat drops.... oh my word the sounds coming from the speakers just too sick to even contemplate not attacking the dance floor with your hands in the air and you screaming at the top of your longs.

If you’re the kind of shuffler that likes to lose their voice and enjoys leg cramps and sore shoulders from all the dancing you do, then we suggest you thank CamelPhat as this track is ram packed with heavy base, infectious bars and some sweet beats fused into one seriously party track. Festivals lovers are gona hear this and go wild.


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Tuesday, 19 June 2018 13:36

Becky & The Birds Debut EP

Debut EP Set To Do Wonders By A Fascinating Creative

              Becky & The Birds


The creative mind that is, Becky and the Birds has delivered to us her debut self titled EP. The 5 track EP by the Singer / Producer has been cleverly stitched together with soul-stirring spoken word vocal samples and noises plucked from nature.

The Becky and the Birds EP features the highly acclaimed debut single ‘Holding On’, which was released earlier this year to an avalanche of praise for its eclectic alt-pop and trip-hop influences. It also features the latest single ‘Concept Store’, which incorporates jazzy pianos and bass among classic hip hop beats.

The EP opens with the lush ‘Becky’ intro before breaking into ‘Malaysia’, where Becky and the Birds' rich, flighty vocals soar among delicate orchestrated samples. The following ‘Die While You Love Me’ is a tantalising pop song with a magnificent sky-high chorus, while the EP closes with intoxicating vocal samples in ‘My Man’.

When listening to music Becky and the Birds experiences synaesthesia, visualising colours and patterns. Regarding how this reflects the EP Becky and the Birds says, “I want people to feel it… I want it to be about the art, and to build a whole world around it, with visuals - art using all of the senses. I don't want it to be so much about me, or what I look like.”

The Becky and the Birds EP features a genre-spanning blend of lush electronics, with nods to trip-hop and ‘90s R&B and the result is reminiscent of SZA, Solange and Erykah Badu. It finds Becky and the Birds taking ownership of her work while rejecting the pop-saturated sound of her native Sweden, resulting in a true-to-self, multifaceted project.


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Thursday, 07 June 2018 08:34

R.I.P Bonzai EP Out Now

Perfect way to say “Hello” Again



Just days after reintroducing herself to the world, Cosha has release the much anticipated Mixtape ‘R.I.P. Bonzai’ on Columbia Records. Names like Mura Masa and Grades are on this project and we say, this is the perfect way to say introduce Bonzai to the world.

Speaking about the mixtape Cosha said, “R.I.P. Bonzai is the ebbs and flows through the mind of a confident but paranoid, sexual but shy, wild young Irish lady. It's all in the lyrics”. Listen to the R.I.P. Bonzai Mixtape.

5 years ago, at the age of 17, Cassia O’Reilly started making music under the pseudonym Bonzai. During this time she’s enjoyed an impressive array of critical acclaim and has since gone through somewhat of a transformation, both as an artist and to put it simply, as a human being.

Dublin native Cosha released 3 critically acclaimed EPs during her reign as Bonzai, garnered huge support from Annie Mac (enjoying 3 Hottest Records from the Radio 1 DJ) and mass acclaim from the likes of Dazed & Confused, Pitchfork and Vogue, to name but a few.


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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 08:55

TipToe EP Out Now

This EP you need!

              Trevor Lawrence Jr


So looking for something to invigorate us and have us thinking “wow... okay this track will be played day in and day out”. And we have found an EP capable of taking over our playlists for a long time to come, therefore meaning these tracks on the EP will also control YOUR playlists as we think these tracks are something to admired, appreciated and played over and over again.

We wanna give our focus to the DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix of TipToe, a track by Trevor Lawrence. See now the original is super sick, with some great vocals and a beat fused together with Soulful House and R&B. In its own right, the original stands firm and can hold its own. But this remix is just everything and more..... and more!

This particular version of TipToe on the EP is a fusion of so many different types of House music. From Soulful to Deep to Afro, trust us when we say, this remix is going to take you by surprise and have you skanking out wherever you decide to play it. The vocals were very strong in the original and stay just as strong in this remix but with a little bit of a tempo and pitch increase, you have what has to be a hidden gem of a track.

We implore you all to go and check out this super sick remix and we have a feeling you may be hearing this one a lot during the festival season and for the rest of the year.


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Thursday, 19 April 2018 11:50

Exclusive Wittyboy Interview

Exclusive interview with Wittyboy



Tell us a little bit about yourself. Just who is Wittyboy and how long have you been involved in music? I’m an electronic music DJ/Producer originally from Leeds but now based in London. I’ve been making and releasing music for the best part of 10 years now and was heavily involved with the early days of the Bassline music genre. I would say my sound is influenced from all aspects of underground music I heard while growing up on a council estate, such as UK garage, Grime, Dancehall, Jungle etc.

How did you get into music to begin with? I had a mate in secondary school who’s brother was a DJ. I would stay at his house and we would hijack his brother’s turntables when he went out. It only took me a few goes to fall in love with it, and from that moment I knew that I had to have my own decks! I eventually got some cheap belt-drive turntables and began to practice, while also making beats on Fruity Loops. UK Garage was transitioning into Grime at that point and I started to MC over my own sets. This led onto me having my songs featured on BBC and receiving plays from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs.

You released a number of singles over the years. What sound were you bringing back in the day? My early catalogue of music can only really be described as Bassline or 4x4 music. Being from Leeds this was a sound that was beginning to surface evolving from the Speed Garage sound which clubs such as Niche were championing.

How did the relationship with Bingo Bass come about? I started sending music to Zinc with the hopes that he might play them in his sets, He responded with positive feedback and asked if I would be interested in releasing through Bingo. The Bingo label played a huge part in my inspiration when I was coming up and I had pretty much every Bingo release on vinyl, so to be releasing on that same label to me was a big deal.

How has it been communicating with DJ Zinc? Has he played you any unheard hidden gems of music?! Zinc has been great, he has always been really responsive and honest which is important as a musician. He also offered advice and guidance on how to get the best sound out of the EP, which I really appreciated. He has also been kind enough to send me unreleased new music before release date, which is amazing!

The sound you’re coming with on “Working With” and “Burning” is dope. Can you describe your sound for those who may not know how to? I would describe my sound as melodic, energetic and raw. I don’t like to pigeonhole my music or limit myself to a defining genre. It might sound like Garage, House, Grime etc, but it will always have an element of me in it, which I believe people will recognise as being a Wittyboy beat.

What was the thought process behind creating “Burning”? There’s so much going on in the beat, but it all sounds under control and in proportion and makes for a sick listen. I have always been a fan of chords and chord progressions. Most of my music is very melodic and tries to tell a story. I felt like there was a lack of good vocal “feel good” songs out there at the moment so I tried to incorporate that vibe while still packing a punch with the heavy bass and synths

“Working With” has an old school feel to it but with elements that will have the shufflers shuffling lol. How did this one come about? I always seem to make the best music when there is emotion involved. Working with was basically me saying literally “Im going to show everyone what I’m working with this year” as cheesy as that may sound. I was playing with the bass patterns and accidentally made it a half step. I knew straight away it sounded different and reminded me of early dubstep in some respects.

What’s the next step for you? Events and some more music we hope? I guess for me the ultimate goal would be to release an album at some point. I want to continue making and releasing great music and collaborate with other artists who I admire. I will be continuing to do my regular DJ bookings across the country and Europe and hopefully play some festivals I haven’t played before. Wittyboy – Working With / Burning is out now on Bingo Bass


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Thursday, 22 March 2018 13:52

Qubiko - These Days EP

Needed in your life



Rummaging through the work of arts that defected have on display and came across a super dope sounding EP that really and truly demands to have your attention and your ears. ‘These Days’Ep sounds like you need to make space on your playlist cos the tracks coming out of this one is too sick.

If you’re looking for a Soulful feeling with some dope vocals then we would say that the self titled track, ‘These Days’ is right up your alley. A Soulfully energized track with just enough tempo to get you up and on your feet ready to sing your heart out.

If you want a classic old school House track to push you through the day, then we have to tell you that ‘Set Me Free’ is just the track for you. Giving off that retro House feeling, this one will have you nodding your head for days.

If the type of House you’re here for is the ones that have a hint of a high tempo / Disco ish blend, then ‘Raw Love’ is the way forward and will most definitely have you and your body parts shocking out on the dance floor.

So with all that in mind, we say get this one on your phone as soon as and enjoy the sounds of Qubiko.


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Saturday, 18 February 2017 15:55

Nomad Out Now


Baba Ali Debut EP

Born both out of a need for reinvention and further self-realisation, Baba Ali's debut EP ‘NOMAD’ is a body of work that draws from Ali’s personal experiences and a feeling of moving through life as a modern day nomad. “From relationships, to locations, through highs and lows, the answer always remains the same: keep it moving.”

‘NOMAD’ is layered and soulful, exemplifying Ali’s direct and bare-bones approach to songwriting and production. Lyrical themes range from Ali’s personal frustrations with capitalism and its influence on the creative process, to the visceral emotions felt across America in response to police brutality. With the bluesy and powerful first single ‘Not Loving You’ [out now] Ali says, “it’s unfortunate to know that I wrote this song about a year ago, when Ferguson was burning, and the message still remains relevant to what I see as a grave illness in America that hasn’t yet been properly addressed”.

Expressing a personal struggle to make ends meet as an artist working in New York, main single ‘Cog In The Wheel’ is filled with Ali’s own modern musings around the ruthless rhythm of the 9-5 life, paired with an infectious bumping groove and soulful keys. Leading onto the more languid pace and electric guitar of ‘Otherside’, its musicality shows an ability to glide between styles and influences with ease, but all three tracks are bound by Ali’s distinctive voice and lyrical grit. Seen LIVE, ‘NOMAD’ becomes a vehicle for Ali’s magnetic stage presence, as the songs and their rhythmic power are turned up loud.

While you wait for this release, check out his latest single!


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