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Qubiko - These Days EP

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Rummaging through the work of arts that defected have on display and came across a super dope sounding EP that really and truly demands to have your attention and your ears. ‘These Days’Ep sounds like you need to make space on your playlist cos the tracks coming out of this one is too sick.

If you’re looking for a Soulful feeling with some dope vocals then we would say that the self titled track, ‘These Days’ is right up your alley. A Soulfully energized track with just enough tempo to get you up and on your feet ready to sing your heart out.

If you want a classic old school House track to push you through the day, then we have to tell you that ‘Set Me Free’ is just the track for you. Giving off that retro House feeling, this one will have you nodding your head for days.

If the type of House you’re here for is the ones that have a hint of a high tempo / Disco ish blend, then ‘Raw Love’ is the way forward and will most definitely have you and your body parts shocking out on the dance floor.

So with all that in mind, we say get this one on your phone as soon as and enjoy the sounds of Qubiko.


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Saturday, 18 February 2017 15:55

Nomad Out Now


Baba Ali Debut EP

Born both out of a need for reinvention and further self-realisation, Baba Ali's debut EP ‘NOMAD’ is a body of work that draws from Ali’s personal experiences and a feeling of moving through life as a modern day nomad. “From relationships, to locations, through highs and lows, the answer always remains the same: keep it moving.”

‘NOMAD’ is layered and soulful, exemplifying Ali’s direct and bare-bones approach to songwriting and production. Lyrical themes range from Ali’s personal frustrations with capitalism and its influence on the creative process, to the visceral emotions felt across America in response to police brutality. With the bluesy and powerful first single ‘Not Loving You’ [out now] Ali says, “it’s unfortunate to know that I wrote this song about a year ago, when Ferguson was burning, and the message still remains relevant to what I see as a grave illness in America that hasn’t yet been properly addressed”.

Expressing a personal struggle to make ends meet as an artist working in New York, main single ‘Cog In The Wheel’ is filled with Ali’s own modern musings around the ruthless rhythm of the 9-5 life, paired with an infectious bumping groove and soulful keys. Leading onto the more languid pace and electric guitar of ‘Otherside’, its musicality shows an ability to glide between styles and influences with ease, but all three tracks are bound by Ali’s distinctive voice and lyrical grit. Seen LIVE, ‘NOMAD’ becomes a vehicle for Ali’s magnetic stage presence, as the songs and their rhythmic power are turned up loud.

While you wait for this release, check out his latest single!


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