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Angie Releases Debut Album

New Album Out Now



Get the new album right here.

Check out the brand new album By Angie and her new single to join it. ‘Here For My Habits’ takes flight with unnerving, warped synths before opening up to Ängie’s sultry and intoxicating vocals. Breaking into brooding synth lines over dark, twisted production, the track is an emotive and tripped out journey blurring the lines and limits between the dealer/customer relationship.

Regarding the track Ängie says, “‘Here For My Habits’ is a song about my earlier experiences with dealers. Somehow, many of them have tried to hit on me, or even fallen for me. It’s a bit sad that you can’t be a girl and do anything without getting a sexual invitation.”.

‘Here For My Habits’ is the second track to be taken from Ängie’s upcoming debut album, Suicidal Since 1995, and follows the dark bass and rolling trap beats of lead single ‘Dope’. The song was released last month, with the no-holds-barred video clocking up well over 300K views on YouTube, and set the precedent for the darker, more emotive tip the debut album finds the Swedish singer taking.

Elsewhere on Suicidal Since 1995, Ängie enlists a heady rolling flow on ‘We Run’, while ‘Boss’ is a carefully crafted slow-jam R&B love song. ‘Coke Ain’t Brain’ is a bouncy slice of trap-pop addressing addiction, while the album closes with a dark bassy cover of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus In Furs’, made in homage to one of Ängie’s heroes and inspirations Lou Reed.

Each track on the album is accompanied by a limited-edition item of clothing especially designed by Ängie. The exclusive items of clothing are limited to 150 pieces each and available solely through The Hyv. The album release is also marked by a limited edition Suicidal Since 1995 hoodie.

Ängie burst onto the scene in 2016 and took the world by shock and awe with her debut single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’. The following singles ‘Housewife Spliffin’ and ‘Spun’ further cemented her status as one of the hottest names to come out of Sweden.

The songs have clocked up millions of views on YouTube and Ängie has had unofficial fan clubs established across the world in locations as far flung as Brazil and Russia. She has received critical praise from the broadsheets, scandalised the tabloids and became an overnight internet sensation.

Suicidal Since 1995 showcases a new and ever-more exciting side to Ängie, developing her sound in dark and unexpected ways that are sure to add to the huge acclaim she has received.


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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 12:56

Donae'o - Party Harder

Super Dope Album



Donae’o has absolutely smashed this out of the park, we believe we are all witnessing one of the sickest creator’s of our generation showing us just how good he is with this super sick album that brings Funky House back and back in a big way.

The tracks in this one show how diverse Funky House can be. But more importantly, shows how diverse Mr Party Harder is. It has been a while since we heard these kind of beats being blessed with a touch of Donae’o and we are super happy that he chose to deliver this music on NYE as it gave us all something to vibe out to as we got ready for our parties!

We can deffo confirm that you all will be skanking in some way with this one. Head nodding, epic footwork of killin em with the shoulders – you will get you skank off! And the high quality of the project is evident as no one can seem to put this album away. We are predicting a very Funky 2018


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Sabrina Claudio Drops Her New Album 'About Time'

              Sabrina Claudio

Acclaimed new singer-songwriter unveils eagerly awaited new project, follow-up to hugely successful debut EP 'Confidently Lost'

'About Time' features twelve original songs written by Sabrina and is available across all digital music retailers & streaming services

Sabrina made a spectacular arrival with last year’s initial release of her Confidently Lost EP. The collection quickly proved a sensation, amassing over 3 million cumulative plays in less than six months. Officially released on DSPs in March 2017, Confidently Lost immediately ascended to top R&B chart positions while also earning rapturous worldwide acclaim

Next month Sabrina will begin her first major live tour as main support to acclaimed artist 6LACK. The “FREE 6LACK TOUR



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Friday, 09 June 2017 09:21

Riddim Commission Exclusive Interview

We Caught Up With Riddim Commission For An Exclusive Interview

Fresh from the launch of their album Riddim. Bass. Life we sat down for an exclusive chat to find out more about the album, what's popping for the rest of 2017 and what it's like working with some of the legends in the GAME!!  

              Riddim Commission

How did two dope DJ’s like yourselves come together for this venture?

Marco reached out to me after I'd produced Streetfighter Riddim for Double. Asked me to do a remix of his track "Ho!" I brought in P Money who killed it and Black Butter and Marco decided to make it the main version. We kept working together and finally decided that Marco Del Horno and DJ Swerve was a bit of a mouthful so came up with a group name instead.

‘Cut some shapes’ is a hard hitting track, with two very sick artists, Neutrino and Scrufiizzer. What was the thinking behind putting these two guys on this sick beat?

We initially approached Scru to vocal it but when he dropped the lyric about Neutrino it was a bit of a lightbulb moment and we thought it'd be sick if we could get both of them on it together. New generation and OG legend!

The line up for “Riddim. Bass. Life” is very unique. How did you come up with these particular artists to bless the beats??

We literally went as big and as wide as we could think. It's a mix of new and OG talent but with a fresh spin on it. Neither of us want to make old sounding records, we want to make something new and unique. Getting the vocals is the icing on the cake. We've been blessed with the lineup for sure

What was it like working all these great and vocally distinctive artists? D Double E must be a ton of fun to work with?!

Double is one of the vibiest artists around. He can be a cold lyrical killer in a clash but his energy in the studio is amazing. The way he just bounces around when he finds that magic is amazing.

What’s been the general reception to “Riddim. Bass. Life”

It's been really good. People have loved the quality of the lineup and variety of sounds in the tracks. It also gives a chance to people to discover tunes for the first time that other people have been banging out for a minute.

What's the next step for Riddim Commission?

Pretty much further developing our sound. We like to think that it's fairly unique. Working with artists and mixing up the genres. It's what the UK is known for. It offers challenges as it doesn't fit in with the norm but our thinking has always been to write the records that we want to make and the rest will follow.

Get your copy of this must have album Riddim. Bass. Life - On Apple Music



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Monday, 07 November 2016 00:56

Kungs Releases Debut Album "Layers"

Kungs Releases His Debut Album Fresh Off The Back Of His Smash Hit "This Girl"

Breakthrough artist Kungs has announced the release of his debut album, ‘LAYERS’. Forthcoming on the 4th November, the album follows the chart-topping success story of previous singles ‘This Girl’ and ‘Don’t You Know’ from the young French talent.
An avid music fan and brimming with ideas, Kungs built in plenty of studio time whilst touring to create this debut LP. Full of collaborations, ‘LAYERS’ explores Kungs’ various musical moods and inspirations.
First single ‘Melody’ sets the tone for the album. A collaboration with Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, the single was based just on a guitar chord tab, a bassline and a beat and was finished within a day. It’s followed up with well-known singles ‘This Girl’ and ‘Don’t You Know’, before the more reflective ‘You Remain’ featuring Ritual.

Meanwhile, the distinctive vocals of Wolfgang Valbrun - from one of Kungs’s favourite bands, Ephemerals - feature on the uplifting ‘Freedom’ and catchy ‘I Feel So Bad’, whilst Judge appears on the melancholic ‘Crazy Enough’.
Female vocalists also add a new dimension to the Kungs sound, on ‘Trust’, ‘Bangalore Streets’ and ‘Tripping Off’ (Rae Morris, Freia and Lune respectively.)
‘LAYERS’ is an apt name for this release; the overall sound perfectly demonstrates Kungs’ fusion of influences. From blues, soul and rock to house, Kungs takes elements of each to form his distinctive, likeable sound. Live brass choruses, acoustic guitar, piano, soulful voices and gentle basslines come together in varied combinations to reflect different emotions - the sign of a true musician.
The release of ‘LAYERS’ comes after what was, needless to say, a whirlwind year for Kungs. Aside from the huge success of his debut singles, he’s come off the back of incredible summer of touring, with 60 gigs in 12 countries. This debut LP is only the beginning of a bright future for this talented young artist

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Craig David – Following My Intuition Review 



The Bootyman is back and he is here to Fill us in on what we have been missing out on. Craig David recently released his album, Following My Intuition and this is in our library on repeat!

We know how dope a singer Mr David is but the fact that he is able to transition into the current music genres with absolute ease should be applauded. Music is now up beat and House orientated with most artists finding is difficult to repeat their success on House / Garage / Dance influenced tracks, Craig done it kinda effortlessly and still kept to his R&B flow.

Tracks like, ‘What If’ has a blend of R&B and Garage feel to it with Craig showing his strong vocal abilities and complementing a really good beat. A nice one to sing along to and play on your way to work to ease your mind of the stressful journey you have to make.

If you wana be taken back and hear “Its Craig Daaaavid”... then ‘No Holding Back’ is the track you need to playing! This will make you think you are in a Garage Nation rave and you just need to strut your stuff and show how deep your skank is. A nice old school feeling track with 2016 relevancy is really hard to achieve. But Craig David seems to have done it just fine.

New school garage is just what ‘Here With Me’ should be categorised as cos jeeeeez it sounds like Craig David of old on an Artful Dodger track! This track is for the mature audience who remembers how DOPE Craig David was in the Garage scene. You will reminisce of all the bangers he has made and before you know it, there will be a new Craig David playlist on your phone!.

All in all this album is a top album and deserves to be in your library not because is Craid David. But because Craid David managed to stay with the times and listened to his fans!

Get yours Here


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