Offaiah Is Back With A Bang



For those that don't know Offaiah have previous as their smash hit from last year was an absolute anthem and was definitely a stand up and pay attention moment for those who hadn't heard of Offaiah.

So it shouldnt be a surprise that they are back stronger than ever this time with a underground flavour, released our the world's biggest house music label Defected and it BANGS!.

So here is this week's sure fire banger of the week Offaiah's. 'Work It' it's absolutely dirrtty.....Enjoy


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:57

Ferreck Dawn X Robosonic - In Arms

Another One By Defected

              Ferreck D & Robosonic


Oh Defected have another banger? How many times have you asked this question to yourself or to a friend... in 2018 alone??? Cos for us, we have asked this a few times already this year and as usual, the answer is YES, yes they do have another banger.

The latest banger to come from the lovable Defected Records is ‘In Arms’. A dancefloor smash which really just has the sole purpose of getting you onto the dance floor and shaking what your mama gave you and more. This super sick track is courtesy of Dutch Producer Ferreck Dawn & German representative, Robosonic. These guys have decided to go head on with each other and produce and absolute banger which makes it to your play lists all day long.

Apparently during the Defected Australia tour, many fan favourites on the tour were giving this one a bit of a play during sets and it popped off down under. So we think you should be paying close attention to this.


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Saturday, 31 March 2018 06:43

Jesse Perez & DJ Mind-X

Super Dope Revamp

              Jesse Perez


Deep House makeovers are the best, especially when they have that slight increase in tempo – just enough to get you up on your feet and shuffle down the Deep House road known as Defected Avenue.

Jesse Perez joins forces with DJ Mind- X to blend the old school original of ‘Never Talk To Aliens’ by DJ Mind-X into a 2018 smash hit banger, crossing over sub – heading genres’ for shufflers of all house types to dance away to in the club, at a festival or on the train platform going to work. Either which way, this new rendition of the 90s trance track is firing on all cylinders and has a lil something for everyone to get down to.

Get prepared for DJ’s to bring the house down with one as we quickly approach the ever loving festival season, this revamp is going to turn a lot of heads and infuse itself into a lot of shufflers ears. We suggest to buckle up and enjoy the ride Defected has on offer!


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Thursday, 22 March 2018 13:52

Qubiko - These Days EP

Needed in your life



Rummaging through the work of arts that defected have on display and came across a super dope sounding EP that really and truly demands to have your attention and your ears. ‘These Days’Ep sounds like you need to make space on your playlist cos the tracks coming out of this one is too sick.

If you’re looking for a Soulful feeling with some dope vocals then we would say that the self titled track, ‘These Days’ is right up your alley. A Soulfully energized track with just enough tempo to get you up and on your feet ready to sing your heart out.

If you want a classic old school House track to push you through the day, then we have to tell you that ‘Set Me Free’ is just the track for you. Giving off that retro House feeling, this one will have you nodding your head for days.

If the type of House you’re here for is the ones that have a hint of a high tempo / Disco ish blend, then ‘Raw Love’ is the way forward and will most definitely have you and your body parts shocking out on the dance floor.

So with all that in mind, we say get this one on your phone as soon as and enjoy the sounds of Qubiko.


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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 10:45

Rapson X Nathan Thomas - Heat RMX

Defected does it best!



Won’t you turn it up? The super sick phrase that won’t leave our heads and that’s because of this super soulful gem we have discovered courtesy of Defected Records

Sweden native, OPOLOPO has given a spin on ‘Heat’ by Rapson X Nathan Thomas that 100% works for all ears in this office. This remix will make you feel as if you’re on a long summer drive with its super peaceful / soulful elements, there is no way you can feel anything other than relaxed when pumping this tune out in the speakers.

We love when a remix is just as good as the original if not better. This remix has all the Soulful / Deep qualities needed to match the original and give you that chilled out feeling. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself boogieing down to this one either as this beat is very infectious. The vocal hook is most definitely have you joining our famous sing-a-long crew as the lyrics are fun, easy to remember and relate to the beat so well.


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Josh Butler ft Boswell - Be Somebody - New Noise Alert!

              Josh Butler


We know we keep saying "DFTD will never let you down" but for crying out loud, they really do not let you down and prove how sick they are on a weekly basis. Again hitting us with a super dope house banger in ' Be Somebody'. We love a Soulful house track and the vibe coming from this one is Soulful with a hint of dance.

Josh Butler and Boswell absolutely smashed this one out the park as everything about this track is just too much. The build up in the beginning is sick, layered with the equally dope vocals gives it a feel good feeling

The vocals are not too overpower but just strong enough to command the beat and be heard at the forefront. The Soulful drop comes and is just great with it seemingly being so smooth, adding to the beats' dopeness. The lyrics sound fun and easy to sing along to so really and truly, this track has everything you need in a top track



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