Sunday, 11 November 2018 08:32

DJ S.K.T - Get Up

House Music All Life Long

              DJ S.K.T


Woah Mr S.K.T saying “oh you wana hear some fire? Here you go!” and dropping this one into our ear drums is absolutely crazy. DJ S.K.T has no manners for delivering this super sick baseline lovers’ dream... but we are super stocked that he did!

‘Get Up’ is going to do exactly what it says on the tin and that’s get you on your ass and feel it as DJ S.K.T drops this club banger for those who love nothing better than to get up and strut their stuff in all kinds of ways on the dance floor. Old School Funk is what comes to mind when blaring this one out through the speakers in the office as the instruments used give you a lil retro House feeling. But that baseline is straight old and new school and should be celebrated by doing the nastiest head nod you can!



We all know what DJ S.K.T can do, his music is unique and has it’s own special S.K.T touch. ‘Get Up’ is no different and we strongly urge you to check out this super sick banger!


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Saturday, 27 October 2018 14:33

Josh Butler - Feels Good

An Energetic Bubbly Track

              Josh Butler


“Have you heard the new banger over at Defected?” is a question that is asked on a regular basis over here. Consistent tracks for multiple years have guaranteed that we will have an audio butchers to any track released from Defected. And this new one, only just concretes that mentality!

With House Music being over saturated with so many tracks, it is refreshing to know that Defected will always deliver above par tracks for all to enjoy and ‘Feels Good’ is up there with all of their releases as this dance infused House track is one of those bangers that sit with you ensuring you will stand and shuffle your heart away.

An uber cool dance track with just hint of a Deep House element in it, Josh Butler has created a floor filler alongside Hanlei as the lyrics will entice you to sing and the gaps in betweens drops are sped up a tad to get you showing your best moves.


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:57

Ferreck Dawn X Robosonic - In Arms

Another One By Defected

              Ferreck D & Robosonic


Oh Defected have another banger? How many times have you asked this question to yourself or to a friend... in 2018 alone??? Cos for us, we have asked this a few times already this year and as usual, the answer is YES, yes they do have another banger.

The latest banger to come from the lovable Defected Records is ‘In Arms’. A dancefloor smash which really just has the sole purpose of getting you onto the dance floor and shaking what your mama gave you and more. This super sick track is courtesy of Dutch Producer Ferreck Dawn & German representative, Robosonic. These guys have decided to go head on with each other and produce and absolute banger which makes it to your play lists all day long.

Apparently during the Defected Australia tour, many fan favourites on the tour were giving this one a bit of a play during sets and it popped off down under. So we think you should be paying close attention to this.


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Saturday, 31 March 2018 06:43

Jesse Perez & DJ Mind-X

Super Dope Revamp

              Jesse Perez


Deep House makeovers are the best, especially when they have that slight increase in tempo – just enough to get you up on your feet and shuffle down the Deep House road known as Defected Avenue.

Jesse Perez joins forces with DJ Mind- X to blend the old school original of ‘Never Talk To Aliens’ by DJ Mind-X into a 2018 smash hit banger, crossing over sub – heading genres’ for shufflers of all house types to dance away to in the club, at a festival or on the train platform going to work. Either which way, this new rendition of the 90s trance track is firing on all cylinders and has a lil something for everyone to get down to.

Get prepared for DJ’s to bring the house down with one as we quickly approach the ever loving festival season, this revamp is going to turn a lot of heads and infuse itself into a lot of shufflers ears. We suggest to buckle up and enjoy the ride Defected has on offer!


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Thursday, 22 March 2018 13:52

Qubiko - These Days EP

Needed in your life



Rummaging through the work of arts that defected have on display and came across a super dope sounding EP that really and truly demands to have your attention and your ears. ‘These Days’Ep sounds like you need to make space on your playlist cos the tracks coming out of this one is too sick.

If you’re looking for a Soulful feeling with some dope vocals then we would say that the self titled track, ‘These Days’ is right up your alley. A Soulfully energized track with just enough tempo to get you up and on your feet ready to sing your heart out.

If you want a classic old school House track to push you through the day, then we have to tell you that ‘Set Me Free’ is just the track for you. Giving off that retro House feeling, this one will have you nodding your head for days.

If the type of House you’re here for is the ones that have a hint of a high tempo / Disco ish blend, then ‘Raw Love’ is the way forward and will most definitely have you and your body parts shocking out on the dance floor.

So with all that in mind, we say get this one on your phone as soon as and enjoy the sounds of Qubiko.


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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 10:45

Rapson X Nathan Thomas - Heat RMX

Defected does it best!



Won’t you turn it up? The super sick phrase that won’t leave our heads and that’s because of this super soulful gem we have discovered courtesy of Defected Records

Sweden native, OPOLOPO has given a spin on ‘Heat’ by Rapson X Nathan Thomas that 100% works for all ears in this office. This remix will make you feel as if you’re on a long summer drive with its super peaceful / soulful elements, there is no way you can feel anything other than relaxed when pumping this tune out in the speakers.

We love when a remix is just as good as the original if not better. This remix has all the Soulful / Deep qualities needed to match the original and give you that chilled out feeling. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself boogieing down to this one either as this beat is very infectious. The vocal hook is most definitely have you joining our famous sing-a-long crew as the lyrics are fun, easy to remember and relate to the beat so well.


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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 08:38

Dario D'Attis smashes this one

Dario D'Attis Gives Us Some Feel Good Music

              Dario D'attis


Just because festival season is coming to a close does not mean that we have to stop giving you those super dope tracks that are festival ready. 'Sunshine People' is an absolute banger and has every you could want in a summer track, or in a track overall."

Dario D'Attis gives your ears a good seeing to with his upbeat tempo and his positive instruments spread throughout the song. Added to this dope beat are some nice singalong lyrics to get familiar with, making you join that illustrious Singalong Crew that we all love and subscribe to.

We love songs that are here to stay. And by that we mean, Dario has produced a track that will not go away with it's infectious head nodding and feet shuffling beat and it's lyrics for all to join in on. This isn't just for the summer, Dario has ensured you will be bumping this one through out the winter and 2018 too!

Defected never steer you wrong and with this track, they continue to do House Music good justice






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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 07:55

Defected Allstar line up

Defected Are Taking The Piss With This All Star Lineup


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So imagine being in attendance for the last part of Defected Croatia, shuffling it down and showing your mates how dope your singalong crew voice is. And then outta no where some super dope legends decide "you know what..... we're going back to back on the decks and there is not a solitary thing you can do about it!"

Well this is exactly hat happened as Dennis Ferrer, Sam Divine, Simon Dunmore and host of other sick DJ's gave each other the look annnnnd the result was us having a 90 min super dope House set to end the night.

Some of the tracks in this mix are legendary, some these tracks are floor fillers, some of these tracks are roof destroyers, of these tracks give you the singing sensation in your soul. It really does not matter what your taste is, these dope DJ's made it their business to make sure they catered to every ones House needs.



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CamelPhat & Elderbrook smash this one!



You cannot have in the title of your track “BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record In The World” and not back it up.... well as usual, Defected records have most definitely backed this up with the release of ‘Cola’ by CamelPhat & Elderbrook.

This track has all the ingredients you need to make a banging House track. From a super dope beat that takes you on a shuffling journey to lyrics that will either have you singing or humming throughout the day.

Everything about this track really does scream super dope and we encourage you all to give this a butchers and add this to your playlists as this track does justice to statement in the title


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Lightbox Is Popping Off With This Night

 As I Am

Lightbox LDN has three rooms full of talents on this night, headlining is Defected & Get Twisted's 'As I Am' with special guests for M.A.D's 1st Birthday party. Room 2 is hosted by the No Agenda with some serious up and coming talent and the doesn't even include Room 3's Nightide line up so expect a busy one down in Vauxhall for this one

Friday 12th May 2017 We're expecting a busy one so get theire early or miss out!

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