House Classic 'Bring It Back' Gets The Todd Edwards Treatment

A Legend Remixes A Classic 

              Todd Edwards


Todd Edwards, for those who know....Know! And for those who don't know, welcome to the education. It's safe to say most of your favourite house producers, favourite producer is Todd 'The God' Edwards, from DJ SKT to DJ EZ, Todd Edwards is loved by many and we wanted to shed some light as to why.

Todd Edwards is often referred to as the Godfather of House & Garage, partly due to his track and production style leading to many followers and imitators. But also many of his tracks are influenced by religion

The most striking part about Todd Edwards production has always been the way in manipulates vocals and sounds often reversing or deconstructing them to create unique and compelling melodies which often sound angelic by the very definition.

So with Todd Edwards being such a legend it's great to hear him start 2018 with a bang with his remix of a classic. Moloko's House Anthem 'Sing It Back' now 25 years on. It's a fitting homage, that such a legend has put his unique spin on a classic

Unfortunately, due to the exclusive nature of the remix it's not released or available anywhere for download but this version has UK Vocal Princess Becky Hill and Pete Tong involved along with the Heritage Orchestra. Check out the link below via BBC Music to hear a sneak peak of the remix. Trust us when we say we're sure you'll hear some of the biggest DJ's playing this over the coming weeks and months.

Hear the exclusive here:

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