This Year Hottest New Party Sessions


              Dimensions & Outlook Festivals


We love a festival it's what summer is all about and each year the sheer number of new events increases massively, but when you've got so much to choose from it boils down to a couple of key points. Location & Lineup so when we got a heads up about a new festival in Croatia firmly Europe's best festival location we had to find out more

The location, Pula, Croatia, is notorious it's the home of Outlook & Dimensions two of the biggest music festivals on the calendar so tick that one off the list. But it gets better what if I told you the festival is hosted in an underground tunnel, now what would you say?? "Jesus" came to mind but to say we were excited was an understatement

The Lineup, that's covered too Outlook x Dimensions have teamed up with Resident Advisor guys to set up what quite literally could be one hell of a party. Here's a cheeky sneak peak check out the video below

So lineup tick, we'll share the full details here but festival ticket holders get exclusive access DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL - 30.08.18 || OUTLOOK FESTIVAL - 06.09.2018 

but if you're not as excited as we are you need a checkup #justsayin

With this amazing new event to the calendar, you better get your ticket sorted before you miss what promises to be an absolutely epic party this year

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