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Exclusive Interview With LaDé

We got to speak with singer x songwriter LaDé

With her latest single being released, we recently got to speak with LaDé. Check out who she is, how her single ‘Teaser’ came about and what she has in coming in 2020.

Let our readers know who LaDé is?

I’m someone who loves to express herself through music. I love to escape in my writing and get lost in my vocals. I was born in Congo, and raised in Canada, particularly in Brampton, but I’ve moved around here and there. I have 7 siblings, and am the eldest girl in my family. I’m very close to my sister and cousins, and they always push me to pursue my passion. I grew up being very timid about my musical talent, from singing in the choir in secondary school to being part of an all girl band with family. I grew up listening to different genres of music and being exposed to a variety of cultures so I have an ear and interest for a range of music genres, which I’ll be expressing through the music I deliver. I want to express my personality in my music the best I can, and influence others to not wait for anyone’s validation on how to live your life; to always be confident.

Describe your sound in 5 words

Vibes, sultry, sensual, energy, passion.

What was the trigger point that got you into music?

Honestly, it was just about time. The talent was always there, the lack of confidence and sense of fear was pushing me back all these years. I can’t point out a particular occurrence but it was a series of realizations. Mainly, I would say the final trigger was when I moved to Windsor in late 2018, living in a new town where I knew no one. I really got to know myself, reflect in my solitary. The year following was the biggest trigger because it comprised of a lot of fall outs of a few relationships, character growth, development and self-appreciation. I really realized that it was time to be the best version of myself. I saw my potential and had to take action.

With being Born in Congo and raised in Ontario, what music did you listen to growing up?

I listened to all types of music, and genre. People are always intrigued by the variation of music in my playlist. Although I grew up mostly listening to my favourite genre R&B, I was also exposed to hip-hop&rap, pop, some indie, and country music which my mom loves!

We got the chance to listen to ‘Teaser’. Very sensual sound, what is the story behind this track?

Although ‘Teaser’ sounds romantic, the song was actually inspired by a very messy break-up. It was one that left me doubting so many aspects of myself, both mental and physical. I know so many people can relate to feeling at their lowest after a bad break-up. I decided I couldn’t let it define me or bring me down. At that point my alter ego was born, which is the version of me that is fierce and fearless. To put it simply, the meaning of ‘Teaser’ is that your best revenge is your come back. After a bad break-up, misery is not an option, you have to make sure you flourish by all means necessary and become the better version of yourself.

Do you have a dream artist / producer you would like to work with in the future?

I definitely have a few artists that I would love to collaborate with but to list one I’d say I would love to work with Ari Lennox. I’d love to work with London on the Track and Murda Beatz in production.

With having such a sensual sound, are there any specific events you would love to perform at?

I would love to perform this song anywhere with a vibe that’s appropriate to the song. I hope to see a few open mic performances this month.

What can we expect from your debut project this summer?

The EP I’m working on will consists of about 5-6 songs. lt will be an introduction to what fans/supporters can expect to hear from me is a variety of other genres such as world music, pop and hip-hop. The EP however will be a majority R&B/Soul. It will likely come out mid-summer.

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