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Exclusive Interview With Blaise

With the recent release of ‘Get Up’, got the chance to speak with man of the moment Blaise. From his latest banger to his new life in Dubai, we got to speak about it all

Blaise, how are you doing! How is Dubai treating you?

I am very well thanks, gents. I can not lie, I am loving every minute of it. It’s a massive change of scenery but one I have got used to straight away. The weather, the people and the way of life is amazing. It’s an amazing place to visit and so much to do, but living here is something else. Everything at your doorsteps and you can travel an hour away to experience somewhere completely different in the UAE.

For the music scene, there is so much here and runs 7 days a week at some of the most amazing venues I’ve been to. Also I’ve met some amazing people out here that have helped me settle and pushed me into the right places to help get the opportunities I have had in the short period of time I have been here.

How are the clubs and DJing out in Dubai? What’s the difference between there and the UK?

They are something else. The range of clubs are unbelievable. Some clubs and bars are your typical West End table bottle clubs, there are loads there if you want that. But there are clubs that have that underground UK feel to them. Clubs are all over the place, places you would never expect to see them. Some are in massive hotels, with some of the biggest sound systems I have heard or played on and some are directly on the beach or in the middle of nowhere.

I find the biggest difference here is it’s much more chilled out here. People that come to the raves are there for the music. Because there are so many options here, people will go somewhere for the music alone. It’s very similar to the UK in the sense of people raving, people will dance and rave, but the difference here is drugs. It’s actually amazing to see people there for the music first. Yeah people drink here and people will do drugs but it’s very minimal compared to back in the UK. As a DJ to see people actually raving and partying and proper interacting to what you are playing is something special. I play each and every Tuesday night at a club called Industrial Avenue. The night I play is a club night called House Of Queens with my girl Jenn Getz, and I must say it’s up there with one of my favourite places and nights to play. There is such a good vibe and always a great turn out.

We’ve played ‘Get Up’ on our live mix sessions. It goes off, people love it. How did that banger come about?

Thank you so much for your support as always, I’m glad you like it and as you know I always appreciate you guys support. It’s getting some crazy love from people and some major support from the radio and DJs, from Scott Mills & MistaJam on BBCRadio One to Joel Corry, Majestic & BillyDaKid on KissFM.

Myself and my music partner Theo made it about 2 years. It is one of my all time favourites. So we made it and sent it to my manager Jin and she fell in love with it also. The thing is we have so much music sitting there and we was just putting a plan together and what releases we were going to do, and we held fire on it. It is more commercial than the underground music I make but it’s so good for myself and the team to have the different options and lanes to possibly go down. We wanted to first release an original, which was ‘Good Body’ and then bring out ‘Get Up’. When we decided ‘Get Up’ was going to be the next single, we went back into the session and decided it was a little dated sound wise, due to it sitting there for 2 years. So we added a few different elements and sounds to it, not too much but to make it sound more current. Then Jin suggested we get a re vocal on it and arranged for Teni Tinks to come in and that just took it to another level. Teni is an absolute legend and her voice is unbelievable and when she sung it, we knew it was perfect for what we wanted.

Sticking with ‘Get Up’, the remix by Azello is just as vibrant and energetic as the original. How did you guys come together the remix?

And what a remix it is. When Azello agreed to the remix, I was buzzing with it because I really liked his sound and thought it would be perfect for that more club mix. My management have been amazing with arranging everything behind the scenes. They are non stop working and we have been grafting so hard together to make this all work. They reached out to Azello and when he heard it, he was buzzing to be involved and so were we.

What shows / festival in the UK will you be doing this year? Got to come and support ya!

At the minute, I am flat out in Dubai playing a minimum of 5 shows a week until the season is finished which is May. I’m heading back to Belarus in June and July this year for 2 festivals. Also I’m in the process of finalising a couple of shows in South Africa, Greece and a few other places. I’m sure there will be some UK bits but at the minute I am solely concentrating on the bits I mentioned above and also future releases. You guys will be the first to know once I do about UK shows. But if any promoters want to hit me up about UK shows, please do and I will be there 🙂

When are we getting some of those many bangers you showed Ryan at EE festival? lol

Lol they are coming very soon. There is so much more to come, believe me. I know you have heard some but wait till you hear the new bits. There’s so much more from when we last met at EE. But I will make sure you guys will be the first to hear.

Who would you like to Collaborate with this year?

I’ve got a collab with Martin Badder which is finished and due out this year. I am also going to collab with Azello. I’ve also got some tracks and collabs written with Kelli-Leigh and Karen Harding which I am actually buzzing about and a few other amazing singers. All I can say is watch the space.

What’s the next step for Blaise?

There is so much more music to come from me. More shows on the cards, more residences here in Dubai. An album is on its way with loads of amazing artists. Plus I will be continuing to get my tan on out here in Dubai.

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