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Exclusive Interview With Fabrikate!

Fabrikate give us an exclusive interview.

With new music just released, we got to speak with Fabrikate about their brand new album, ‘Made Me Feel’ (out now). Find out what tracks they need to play and their ideal headline show.

So break down for us, just who Fabrikate are? And how the name came about?

So we’re two guys who just happen to share this incredible bond over music. We met 5 years ago now but it sometimes feels like we’ve known each other since forever, and that’s greatly because of the same passion and love we share for music. We were both working in music at the time that we met and we had this idea where we would take everything we didn’t like in the music industry (especially in the Dance/EDM world) and use that to create what would become our duo. We decided we had enough of the “the DJ is a superstar” thing, so we decided to not reveal our identities and to name ourselves Fabrikate as a wink to all the fabrikated artists that are out there today and especially in our beautiful Dj community, haha!. If the project was ever going to work, it was because people would love our music and the parties we hosted, not how we looked or the fashion we wear.

Describe your sound in 5 words…

Raw, Authentic, Unique, Fresh, Heavy.

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing the album early. What is your favourite track on the project?

It’s always incredibly hard to single out a favourite track since that, for one, we’re fresh out of dropping the album and we don’t have enough hindsight to really reflect on which one we really prefer. Then, since the process of composing a song goes way beyond just writing the track itself (you know, there’s hours, days and sometimes weeks of work and questioning and failure and starting over behind every track) you sometimes get fed up by your own music. Only as time passes we get the necessary detachment that allows us to truly reflect back on our songs and start to (hopefully) really enjoy them, to be honest.

We recently had ‘Love Was Real’ in our New Noise section, banging track. What was the inspiration for this song?

Yes! Thank you so much for that. Love Was Real is our dance floor anthem. Just like most of our album, we really wanted to make a song that would scream disco, but without being too old school and cliché. We always thrive to have that balance between the authenticity of older records with the freshness of today’s sound, and Love Was Real is just that, we feel. A lot of the music that inspired us in the making of this album has been guys who have succeeded doing just that (Daft Punk, Justice, Armand Van Helden…) but we never really intently went and copied any of them, it just came natural to us.

Who would you guys like to collab with in the future?

Any of the guys we mentioned in the previous question… How amazing would that be! What’s amazing now though is we feel that with this new album we somehow planted a seed and we can’t wait to see what the harvest is going to be like. We want to surround ourselves with creative people at all times and collaboration is something that we definitely love to do. But having anyone who was an inspiration for us in the making of this album would totally be a dream come true.

What three songs do Fabrikate play on a regular basis?

1-Uffie’s “ADD SUV (feat. Pharrell Williams) [Armand Van Helden Vocal Remix]”
This track is and has been an every set essential since what seems like forever now.

2-Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”
I mean this one is pure gold. No words.

3-Mighty Mouse’s “Midnight Mouse”
An awesome twist on a classic. This one always lifts the party to a whole other level.

What would be your dream event to headline?

Ok so how about this: we throw a massive party at either what used to be Studio 54, or even Paradise Garage. We reopen it for only one night. Imagine a massive Boiler Room style event where people are just gathered around the dj booth and dancing for hours on end. That would be completely crazy and would fit perfectly with the vibes that we’re going for.

What is next in the pipeline for Fabrikate?

We’ve got an awesome video on the way, we can’t wait to share that with you guys. Anybody that didn’t quite get what we’re about will definitely do after watching it, so we’re definitely stoked about that at the moment. We’re also always working on new music, but the plan is to hit the road and play now. This whole “New Disco” movement is well and alive and needs to spread all over the world like it once did. People need to see, hear and experience how disco music in its different forms can really make a party go wild. Just wait and see, it’s coming!

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