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Exclusive Interview & Chill with UK Producer Hot Goods

Urban House Music recently got chance to chill with Producer / DJ Hot Goods.

Check out his ridiculous new EP Snapple, favourite musical moment of 2019, plus loads more in our exclusive interview.

Intro! Hot Goods (sick name by the way) Tell our followers a bit about your musical journey?
Thanks! I got into producing about five years ago. Originally I was into dubstep, and I’m still really inspired by a lot of the stuff I used to listen to back then, especially when it comes to my sample selection, but I got really into house after producing for a couple of years and haven’t really looked back.

For those that don’t know Hot Goods Music. Describe your sound in three words?
Rowdy, energetic and playful.

Bingo Bass is an iconic underground record label. How did the partnership come about?
Zinc hit me up for some tunes about a year ago and I sent him a few unreleased bits, which led to them signing ‘Pursuit’ and the ‘The Realest’.

I really liked working with the team at the label so it felt natural to write more tunes for them

We see that you teamed up with Taiki Nulight for Nu Goods (the track is dirty!) where did the link-up come from and what was the inspiration for the track?
I’ve been close friends with Taiki for ages, he’s helped me a lot in music. When we made ‘Nu Goods’ we were trying to make something with a really dark atmosphere, and I’m really happy with how it came out.

We’ve actually just written another tune which is probably even dirtier. I’m excited for everyone to hear it.

You have a very unique production style! With a number of your releases containing sick vocal samples. How much time do you spend finding them? And what influence does it have in the creation process?
I spend a lot of time hunting for vocals. I think that the right vocal can completely make a tune. It also has a major influence creatively, because it can kind of give the tune a theme which can be worked around.

Our online spies tell us you dropped a filthy promo mix for Bass 3000 at Fabric. How did that come about?
About a year and a half ago I released a tune on 3000 called ‘Loanshark’, which did pretty well and I’d say is what put me on the map. So when 3000 hosted one of the rooms at Fabric they brought me along and asked me to record a promo mix.

Playing at Fabric was always a dream of mine and I was so gutted when it got shut down, so that set was something I’ll never forget.

2019 has been a crazy year so far, what’s been you’re musical highlight?
Supporting Joyryde in Paris is definitely up there. The crowd absolutely went in, and it was amazing to see the UK sound getting such a good reaction over there.

If it was your last-ever DJ set who would you want to play back2back with and what would be your last track?
Taiki Nulight. I wouldn’t be where I am without him so it would be fitting. Last tune is a tricky one, but I reckon it would have to be ‘Hyph Mngo’ by Joy Orbison.

Finally, let our followers know where the best spot to hear the freshest noise from Hot Goods!
SoundCloud and Spotify to hear all my releases, and my Instagram to hear previews of what’s to come.

Hot Goods it’s been an absolute pleasure to have this exclusive chat. Good luck for the remained of 2019 and beyond. Here’s a little sneak peek of your dirrty new EP Snapple below.  

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