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Lorine Chia – Sweet Noise

Songwriter/vocalist, rapper, and producer, Lorine Chia, explores themes of self-love, immigration, and Hollywood monsters on her new album, “Sweet Noise,”

Like many immigrants that come to the states, Chia was chasing a dream she’d had since childhood. Unlike most, the Cameroonian-native took the trials and tribulations of settling into Los Angeles and her new country and turned it into an introspective collection of songs. As it is the first official album she’s produced on her own, “Sweet Noise” also happens to be a moment of independence and inner strength. The artist, inspired by greats like Coldplay, M.I.A, Santigold, and John Legend and her work writing for Janelle Monae, Wiz Khalifa, and The Game, effortlessly imprints her soul on each track. Her talent has not gone unnoticed. She’s racked up over 10k streams as part of the “SoundCloud First” campaign, had tracks featured on Oprah’s “Queen Sugar,” and was selected by Pusha T as a featured artist for the Adidas Sound Lab Grant. Her work has been featured in publications like Rolling Stone and Billboard, where her style is praised for its authentic, soulful urban sound.

With “Sweet Noise,” Lorine Chia lets her inner-poetry unfold into a coming of age story that highlights her steadfast determination. The DACA immigrant uses single “$ and Peace” to share the journey behind her departure from West Africa and desire to make a name for herself. Despite the political climate facing her, she continues to chase after peace and the opportunity to make enough money to lay a foundation for herself, her family, and her career. This jazz-infused, booming rhythmic track is about saying goodbye to the drama in search of peaceful success. The album’s latest single, “Needed,’ is an ode to loving yourself and the journey it takes to get there. Silky vocals cascade over a weightless chorus as she essentially sings a love song to herself. “2AM In Inglewood” is a subtle throwback to 90’s R&B, in the vein of Erykah Badu, layered with influences of Jazz and chill synth vibes. As she questions the drama of dating in LA, she wraps her frustrations and annoyance in a cool-breeze of a melody.

Self-care and taking time alone are lessons Chia reflects on with the track, “Mood Home Alone.” An alluring synth riff glistens as her stream of consciousness takes over, leading the song through to an illuminating, soft finish. On “Monsta” she takes a stab at vapid Hollywood culture and warns artists everywhere to protect themselves. Pure soul-energy drives this rolling beat as Chia’s vocals echo over verses warning to watch for the monsters lurking in the shadows. One of the most beautiful moments on the album is “Hollywood.” This quiet, unassuming track finds Chia reflecting on her younger self. As she reminds her to smile and encourages her to believe in herself, you can feel the pain for that young woman in every inflection. It’s an uplifting, hyper empowering song that every woman needs to hear.

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