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Exclusive Interview With Kisch

We Got A Chance To Speak With Man Of The Moment, Kisch.

Break it down for us, just who Kisch is ?
I’m a London based vocal house addict who writes songs and throws some rhythms and music around them!

What were you inspirations in becoming a DJ / Producer?
I always loved the big dance classics growing up and used to buy a whole bunch of compilation CDs and cassettes with my favourites. I ended up in guitar bands when the indie thing exploded but when it faded I started experimenting with electronic music production and found a real love for creating house with vocal hooks. Ever since then I’ve been trying to create something that tips the hat to my original idols but brings it up to date.

You may not know but your last banger, ‘Daylight’ was our Banger of the Week for 25 Feb. We LOVED it and want to know what inspired you to create that smash hit?


Ah really appreciate that! I wanted to write something with more of a song to it. Everything up til then was hook based. I was enjoying some of the darker, moodier crossover tracks around like “Cola” and Black Coffee’s “Drive” at the time. I thought the mellower vibe might work for Daylight and when I played in that 808 tom bassline it kind of went from there.

We got a lil preview to the hidden gem you’re about to release in ‘Don’t Let Go’. We feel we can drop a cheeky shuffle or vibe out and sway side to side with this one. How did this tune come about?

It sounds mad now, but I wrote the original version of this around 5 years ago. I remember wanting to write something uplifting with feel good lyrics. I sat on it for years, then a few weeks back I listened and thought “I really should’ve released this!” so I sent it over to Love & Other who loved the vibe, so via a rework to bring it up to date it got to where it is now. Quite a lot of my stuff ends up being re-works of old demos, nothing like a pair of fresh ears sometimes!

Describe your upcoming banger, ‘Don’t Let Go’ in five words
Deep, chunky, hooky, euphoric, emotional.

Considering you saved up your curly wurly money for bangers back in the day. We would like to know just which Artist/DJ would make you save up again to get their music?
Ha! Good question, in the age of streaming it’s not something I have to think about much any more. But I’m always especially excited when Bicep drop something, just intense quality running through their music. Also excited to hear more of Prospa, they’ve released a couple of worldies recently.

What track do you HAVE to play when you DJ?
Love All Day. It’s been my most successful track and people sing along when I play it. Nothing beats that feeling.

What is your favourite non Kisch track?
You’ve Got The Love. The disco divas certainly knew how to deliver a vocal, and throwing a Frankie Knuckles classic under it was a moment of genius. I don’t think anyone gets tired of that record.

What is your most loved club or festival to play at?
I recently played at Studio 338 and have to say I was blown away by the club, I hadn’t been there before but the vibe and sound was something else.

What is in the pipeline for Kisch?
Expect a lot more music from me from now on, I’m pretty excited about what I’m working on at the moment and look forward to seeing the reaction!

Kisch – Don’t Let Go is out 24 May on Love & Other.

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