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JME – Grime MC Screening

JME Displays Music With Unique Videos @ Everyman Cinema

JME has consistently delivered great music, unique music videos and has a fan base that spans across the globe. Over the last few weeks, JME decided to put on a short film at a few selected Everyman cinemas to show his fans some of the music he has at his disposal. It’s not unheard of for artists to have tracks that will never see the light of day. JME felt to share some of these tunes and us as fans were extremely happy.

Walking into Screen 2 at the cinema, I am immediately drawn to the decks playing some sick Grime tracks. Head bopping, I find my seat and JME begins to spray bars. He is soon joined by artists like Merky Ace, P Money & Shorty and I am now enjoying a Grime set. Bars sprayed, JME goes to the stage and introduces his short film. A collection of videos for tunes he has on his hard drives that have never been heard by fans. We applaud and lock into the screen as the film begins.

With some amazing drone shots, funny scenes and serious story lines, Grime MC was an amazing experience. Without spoiling, Grime MC was one of the best short films I have seen. The content for each track was well thought with each video giving you a story to either have you laugh; think “rar that was sick” or “I wanna see that again”. At the end it was safe to say we all were thinking the same thing and that was “why won’t you release these tracks!”

Afterwards there was a Q&A where JME answered some questions, giving us an insight into his mind and why he decided to drop the videos in this way. Some light hearted jokes later and we are all outside taking pictures with JME and he is talking to everyone individually, giving us the time of day and really showing his appreciation for our love towards his content.

All in all, one of the best nights I have been to.

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