Urban House Music sat down for an exclusive interview with KOLIDESCOPES to get the lowdown.

So tell us, just who are KOLIDESCOPES and how did this duo come together?

We are Dan & Johnny – Dan from London & Johnny from Australia. We met during a random session that was setup by our old managers. Wrote a couple songs that turned out really good which we went on to sign to Universal and it was kinda born from there. In the mean time we had become good friends and both travelled to Aus & London.

Describe the sound you produce in 5 words for those unaware?

Fun, Futuristic, Real, Moody & Sexual (chocolate) haha!

Listening to ‘All My Love’, this track sounds super smooth and has a chilled out vibe. Where did the inspiration come from?

We were both in relationships at the time & super dedicated to loving that person, so that’s mainly where the inspo came from.

Looking at the past work you guys have produced on. Who were your favourite artists to work with?

As KOLIDESCOPES we have written and done tracks with some cool people. I really liked working with Marina & The Diamonds (Dan).

Where did the inspiration for the new hit, ‘Want It’ come from?

This was the third song we wrote after ‘Back To You’ & ‘All My Love’. It was a reflection on the two songs, despite giving our all in a relationship ultimately they didn’t want it or the time wasn’t right.

Describe ‘Want It’ for us in 3 words?

Honest, funky and a vibe.

What is your favourite non-KOLIDESCOPES track that gets you on your feet and dancing?

Dua Lipa/Diplo/Ronson – Electricity

Dream collaboration for you guys would be with?

Would love to work with Calvin Harris

Dream festival / Event to perform at?

Glastonbury always will be!

What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

Lots more singles, were sitting on lots of what we think are really good songs. Hopefully the public like em 🙂

Here’s Kolidescopes latest release on Beatport



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