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Exclusive Interview With Litek & rrotik

We Caught Up With Litek & rrotik For An Exclusive Interview

Off the back of their latest release on Get Twisted Records we had a chat exclusively with Litek & rrotik to find out more about the track, what’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2017 and how the bassline on this track isn’t illegal!!


How did the collab with rrotik come about and what was the thinking process during the production of ‘Faasti’?

rrotik came to the UK for a short production tour that his management sorted out for him and I happened to be on the list of producers. The session was somewhat spontaneous and we just got cracking straight away after brief introductions as he was on a tight schedule. We knew exactly what style one another produced and the track started building pretty naturally! We quickly caught a dark bassy vibe and ran with it

Who/What inspires you when producing your sound?

It honestly varies from time to time but I think my all time biggest inspirations are Timbaland and Scott Storch. I’ve always loved Timbaland’s sound selections and his iconic rhythms. I find myself drawing inspiration from his sound in almost every production. And when I found out over the years that Scott Storch was behind most of my favourite R&B/Hip Hop records in the early 2000s, I was pretty amazed. Massive respect for both.


Who is rrotik for those who are late to the party?

My name is Eduardo and I’m from the city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil where I grew up listening to 70s to 90s music including rock, disco and house. I’ve been making music for several years under various monikers and rrotik is my latest project

For us, we heard some of your previous work like ‘In Between’ and love it. Dirty bass going on in that track. Can you tell us your fav rrotik track?

Obrigado! It’s actually really tough to pick a favourite because each of my tracks (originals and remixes) tell a little story about myself. But if I really have to choose, it would be ‘Woomp’ – my first release =) It’s from 2015 and it still sounds very fresh.

What was your thought process behind ‘Get Up Everybody’? Because that track is an absolute banger!

Thank you, again! I was a big fan of Latroit and had the opportunity to remix a track of his before we jumped on ‘Get Up Everybody’. He came up with the vocals and chords that sounded pretty 90s and I brought the beats and basslines. It was actually hard for me not to bring the vibes down a notch to a deep and darker tone as my usual stuff, but I think I succeeded… I think!


What was the thinking process behind ‘UBER’ and how did you join forces with Tom Zanetti?

I made the track in my uni room and it was a solid sounding club track but I knew it had huge potential if it had a strong vocal over it. Curtis heard a number of my tracks one night and it just so happened that he picked this one to write to. After the label heard the demo they were keen to get Tom involved. That’s pretty much how it came about, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

We see in the past you released some dope stuff over at Simma Black, ‘Your Skin’ being one of them. What was the thinking behind that track?

That was a very fun track to make, I found the vocal and knew I had to build something around it. That’s about it – usually that’s how I make music – I’ll go through samples and preview a bunch of different sounds and ideas before I settle on building around that component. Shout out to Low Steppa and everyone at Simma Black for signing the EP and also big up to Oliver Heldens for being one of the first to support that track too!

For us, ‘Pot & Pans’ is one of our favourite tracks. Do you have a personal favourite?

I think my all time favourite is UBER. I think the groove, the drums, the bass is a perfect example of my sound and what I aim to represent as LiTek – bouncy, sexy vibes that you can enjoy listening to and get down to in a club!

Buy ‘UBER’ on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/UberDL
Stream ‘UBER’: http://smarturl.it/UberST


Who/What inspires your music ?

My struggles both as a creative and as regular dude just trying to work out life, becoming an adult, politics, morality, humour. Technique is a big turn on to me too. I absolutely love a masterfully designed bassline and have spent a lot of time in the past dissecting my favourite producers’ tracks and understanding how the sounds were created.

What is the next step musically for you this year?

I’ve got a bunch of tracks that are being lined up for release and I can’t wait them get it out. ‘Faasti’ was created in the UK last summer and so it’s taken a whole year to release it, which is hard as I always just want to get my music heard and see the reaction.  I’m also playing the Pagoda stage at Shambhala Music Festival in August, which is a life long dream and feels like a real seal of validation from the scene. It’s going to be epic!.

Dont Forget To Check Out This Ridiculous Banger From Litek & rrotik below, we love this shit!

Buy/Stream Here: https://fanlink.to/nqG

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