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Exclusive Interview With FooR

We Caught Up Exclusively For An Interview With FooR

Straight off the back of their latest release ‘3 Words’ we sat down for an exclusive chat to find out more about the track and the story behind the group


Tell us, who are FooR?

We are a group of Producers, DJs, musicians & MCs from Southampton

How did the group get together?

We have all know each other for over a decade working in different areas of music. I was working on a solo Gavin Foord project and I was asked to remix a version of the garage classic ‘I’m Sorry’. Aki & Dave were releasing music on my label as a garage group called Ape Like. I asked if they wanted to collab on the remix and we have worked together since!

You fully brought garage back with ‘3 Words’. What was the inspiration behind it and how was it working with Effie?

We wrote the chorus at the end of last year as part of a collab with Shaun Dean and I just loved the chorus, loved the vocal, so got Effie back in to write verses. She did such a great job the track just wrote itself after that pretty much, we wanted a proper happy, summery garage record. We have worked with Effie for years. She won an open mic contest I ran over 10 years ago, and she blew everyone away that day and has continued to blow everyone away since.

What do you wish to achieve with ‘3 Words’?

We just want to play a part in bringing UK Garage back to where it once was!

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Pure Garage Garden Party….(without us?! scratches your names off Christmas list!). How was it? Atmosphere, the other DJ’s and the fans. Must have been crazy fun…

Haha you guys are always welcome to any of our gigs you know that! We wanted to throw a party that captured what we wanted the Pure Garage album to be, a showcase of DJs, producer, artists, MCs that are making or promoting new UK Garage music! The atmosphere was incredible everyone that performed was incredible, it honestly couldn’t have gone any better..

So you did a Pure Garage mix and it sounds amazing. Tell us about track selection and how hard it was choosing songs…

It was a long process because we wanted to make sure we didn’t just select tracks that were our favourite garage tracks but rather select the best garage records that were out there! So we called DJ’s, producers, artists old and new, asked them what there favourite tracks were, which artists were doing it for them at the moment. We listened to radio shows, podcasts, DJ Mixes, but not just from the bigger DJs/Radio stations we listened to anything we could find that was supporting new garage music so we could give a true representation of current UK Garage music. From that we had a list of around 140 tracks which we whittled down to 90, then from that 90 we put together 60 tracks over 3 CDs. Some amazing tracks didn’t make it on, which was a real shame but we were over the moon with the end product!

Looking at your tour dates, you guys will be out and about for sure. How much are you looking forward to it? Hope you bring the energy to Luna Croydon as that’s a local for some of us!

Well as I said earlier you guys are always welcome to any of our gigs, come down! We love playing out, travelling the world sharing our music with people has always been our dream, we are very lucky to be living our dream!

What are your musical influences that drive you guys when creating music?

We all have different tastes, so have many so different influences! Production-wise, Wookie, MJ Cole, Sunship, Zinc to name a few! DJ wise our sets are influenced by Heartless Crew as we all we grew up watching and listening to them!

What does the future hold for you guys in terms of shows and new music?

We have the full release of ‘3 Words’ on the 29th September, the music video for it drops on the 2nd October! We have some very exciting music coming out on our Yosh label and after that you will just have to wait and see.

Check out the Mini Mix from FooR Incredible Pure Garage the word ‘DIRRTY’ comes to mind!!

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