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Exclusive Interview With Shift K3y

Exclusive Interview With Shift K3y

Shift K3y

Urban House Music Got the chance to get a brief chat with Multi-Talented Producer, Shift K3y. We got stuck into his influences, his dream collabs and what continues to drive him to create some of the sickest tunes to come out of the House scene.

What made you get into music? We’re glad you did! Ha! I’m glad I did too. I’ve always been into making and playing music for as long as I can remember, my dad is a musician too which meant there was always random instruments in the house.

What are your musical influences? Everything from Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye, Al Green through to modern 90s/00’s RnB Timberlake, Usher, Destiny’s Child, T-Pain. At the same time as listening to these artists, UK garage and house has always been present forming a familiar place in my style. This is everything from Artful Dodger, Steve Gurley, MJ Cole, Todd Edwards, Sunship etc.

What made you do the remix to ‘Jumanji’? that garage like beat is just too much. Ah thank you man, the original of that tune is undeniably big so I just kept all of the structure (Chorus, Verses etc) the same and do what I normally do around it. On the second hook it kind of felt like it was leading towards a 4×4 drop, something a bit more bassliney, so I kept trying different drops until that one stuck. I must have tried at least 15 different variations until I landed on the one you hear on the finished track.

‘Entirety’ sounds so pro. It feels so soulful yet we catch ourselves doing lil shuffles in the office. How did this tune with A*M*E come about? This was a song that I worked on years back with the superpower MNEK. It took me a while to figure out exactly what the production was meant to sound like, so I went on the same hunt for basslines etc as the Jumanji remix. Then once the incredibly talented and recognisable voice of A*M*E was added to the picture the tune became something really special.

What’s your favourite music software to use? I use Ableton 9.

Any ideas on artists you wish to collab with in the future? Just really great vocalists and musicians. Would love to get an original tune with B Young i think that would be dope.

Any advice for artist/producers/ creators on the music game? Learn as much as you can before entering. Really focus on what it is you want and go for it!

With so much music being released with House like influences, what’s your opinion on the current crop of music coming out? I think there’s a lot of great house music if you know where to find it. At the moment I’m currently feeling Camelphat, Dombresky, Riton, Cliq, Endor, Ray Sargent. They are all making great original house music.

What drives you to continue on with music? I just try and compete with myself to be the best that i can be that is my only motivation.

When are the next shows and are we invited cos we can sing in the crowd? There are loads in the UK over the next few months head to my facebook to see all the dates.

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