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Exclusive Interview With P Money X Little Dee

Exclusive Interview With P Money X Little Dee @ Eastern Electrics Festival

P Money & Little Dee

Backstage at Eastern Electrics Festival, we sat down for an exclusive chat with P Money x Little Dee straight after their set on TDQ Stage. We manage get discuss a new EP, Spyro or Logan? & loads more.

We’ve got 10 quick fire questions to ask, so the fans know what time it is! So let’s start with the important questions first.

Karl: TGI or Egis?

P Money: What EGI!

Little Dee: He’s Local!.

P Money x Little Dee: For those who don’t know, Egi is that guy. Egi all day long

Karl: House or Garage?

P Money: House Ting, Little Dee: House.

Karl: So Solid or Heartless ?

P Money x Little Dee: South boy, So Solid.

Karl: Eskimo or Back to 95?

Little Dee: Eskimo init

Karl: Spyro or Logan?

P Money x Little Dee: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, P Money: Logan you’re my don, but I’m gonna go with Spyro. Little Dee: Spy you’re my don, but I’m gonna go with Logan

Karl: Pay As You Go or Roll Deep?

P Money x Little Dee: Roll Deep all day

Karl: Favourite song that isn’t your own?

P Money: Anything that’s from Little Dee

Little Dee: 10 out of 10 P Money

Karl: Dizzee or Kano?

Little Dee: Kano?

P Money: Any time frame? Dizzee

Karl: Personal question, ‘Gimme 2 Minutes is an absolute banger’ tell us how that track came about?

P Money: A guy asked me to record a tune. During the convo, he said “if it’s a long ting ill pay you” and I said, “it’s cool, just gimme a couple minutes”.

Karl: Them levels there

Karl: Any projects coming out? OG’z work?

P Money: We got the “Back 2 Back” EP out now, we got a ton of video’s coming out. We have an OG’z project fully produced by DaVinChe, it’s there ready. Little Dee got project coming out in ‘Local’ and yeah and we just working hard.

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