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Projects You Need In Your Life

Bangin Projects Out

With so much projects released in over the last few weeks, we decided to show off as much of them as we can and tell you about some of them, helping you to add them into your playlists. So check out what the Urban House Projects you need are.


Original Dodger

Original Dodger


Glad the team is back and producing that feel good music that always puts a smile on your face and a skip in your signature dance move. If you want music with the old school pure garage vibes, but with a hint of the current vibe in it, we suggest you check out the Momentum EP as these tracks tick all the boxes. With high energy, lovely vocals that sit perfectly on the beats (perfect for those who wish to join the singalong crew!) and a nice flowing tempo to ensure you will be skanking on the dance floor, Momentum is a must listen to and an EP that needs to be in your library. Urban House Stand Out Track – Bubblin.




If you are unfamiliar with the sexy, smooth and just amazing vocals possessed by MNEK, then you need to go onto Spotify and play his whole catalogue, twice! MNEK has been preparing us for this album by delivering some of biggest tracks we have heard over the last 10 years (We dare you to say ‘Ready For Your Love isn’t amazing). So it of no surprise that we find it near impossible to skip a track on this album and every track is vibrant with high energy and showcases MNEK beautiful voice. You can hear the story being told by MNEK in this album. A story of love and heartache told by one the finest voices around. Urban House Stand Out Track – Honeymoon Phaze.



Probably the perfect album to follow up Ghetto Gospel as this album showcases everything we love about Ghetts. As fans when we talk about which current acts take us deep into their mind with their music and rarely deliver a track that is sub par, Ghetts is one of those artists we mean. Ghetts can take you out of your current thoughts and life issues and put you into his world with his lyrics. Ghetts is able to paint pictures with his words and have you fully immersed in his music and this new album is no different than what we expected as Ghetto Gospel : The New Testament will have you as impressed as we are. Urban House Stand Out Track – Purple Sky.



The anticipation behind this album for us was right up there as we know how talented Chip is. One of the few artists that is able to create chart tracks, underground bangers and then vary off and create bangers in other genres. Chip has shown consistency throughout his music carer so to say we was patiently waiting for this one was an understatement. Chip has not disappointed and has created a project with all what we wanted. Lyrics, flows, content, high energy tracks and feel good tracks, Chip gave us these and more and it’s ever so apparent that he took his time with these tracks as each one is hard to skip. All these tracks are bangers. Urban House Stand Out Track – Darth Vader.

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