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We Caught Exclusively With Ironik

We Caught Up Exclusively For An Interview With Ironik!

Straight off the back of their latest release ‘Tuff‘ we sat down for an exclusive chat to find out more about the track, what’s popping for the rest of 2017 and the story behind their colabo!


Glad that you’re back delivering dope music but where have you been?! what have you been up to recently?

Thanks man, I’ve been in the studio a lot working on different material and different sounds to get mine how I want it, thats where we ended up with this album. Also just touring a lot and DJ’ing mostly. It’s been fun

We did hear that you have be DJ’ing in some illustrious places like Dubai & Japan. How was it?

Yeah man, when I don’t have a release out or music out it’s good that I can still do something else I love and get to DJ in some cool places. Dubai has been amazing, proper love it there! Japan was a sick experience too, would love to go back there in the next year or so!

What type of music did you play? Was it well received over there?

Wherever I DJ I play mostly the music I love, so a bit of RnB, Hip Hop, Garage, and obviously a lot of UK stuff.

How has music changed to you since your debut album “No Point In Wasting Tears”

I think it’s changed a lot, mostly for the better. Theres so much opportunities nowadays online if you really make the most of it. So much new talent coming out every week too which is amazing, sometimes hard to keep up with lol. For me I always like to keep my ear to the streets and know what music is coming out from where, I guess it’s the DJ side in me.

What inspired you to come back with this album ‘Truth Be Told’. What can we expect from this album?

I put out ‘Mercy’ earlier this year which got received really well with over 200,000 views online so I think that put the battery in my back to stick with that style and make an album out of it. I only really want to ever put albums out when the timing feels right.

How did the collaboration with Snoop Dogg come about? How was it working alongside him?

Having the opportunity to have Snoop Dogg on a record is honestly a dream come true. I have to big up my management as they were in LA and were working with a few other US artists for example Ray J, he told us he had a Snoop Dogg verse that we could use if we wanted, so we took the vocals back to the UK, worked on the beat behind it with Studio Pirates and then I added my verses and we sent it back to them and he loved it, so really random.

What’s been the reception to ‘Tuff’? We hope it’s gotten a big reception as the track is banging.

Thank you man, it’s been nothing but love so far, the whole year has been amazing with the response of me putting out new music so I just can’t wait to put out the whole album!

What can we expect from DJ Ironik in the coming weeks/months?

I have my new album Truth Be Told out now, which has a lot of big records on which we’ll be shooting videos for, so look out for them and also more touring and doing shows worldwide. Thats the aim!

Stream your copy of this must have release ‘Truth Be Told’

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