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So for the longest while, J Hus debut album has been getting the rinsed on our Spotify and it occurred to us, not everyone knows about this album. This album for us is one of the top 5 albums of the year standard. We all know the “Friendly” track and we all scream “I like my fanta with no ice” in clubs but, don’t let the tracks you have heard fool you, J Hus has a solid album with hype tracks, story-telling tracks, fun tracks and most importantly mainstream tracks. We decided to show you a few tracks to get your appitite wet and have you getting this album super fast!

If you’re looking for a hype tracks then we would say “Clartin” is the track to get you out of bed and starting your day hyped. For us, the aggression in the vocals is what makes this track work so well.

A track for the ladies is defo “Closed Doors” as J Hus explains how he treats his ladies.

And if you’re looking to bubble to some sick melodic sounds, “Plottin” and “Good Times” for us, are the best tracks on the album. These two tracks will be pulled up a few times!

J Hus has made this album so sick that it would be offensive to touch the skip button when playing this album!


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