Garage Classics Out Now

The House & Garage Orchestra debut album out now.

House & Garage Orchestra


The album features 18 of the biggest UKG hits of the late 90s and early 00s, all given a new live orchestrated reworking by The House & Garage Orchestra. It features a stellar line-up of guests including the vocalists who featured on the original songs alongside bright new UKG talent. Out Now On Amazon, HMV and Itunes

Artists performing on the album include Sweet Female Attitude, Kele Le Roc, Denzee (Monsterboy), Shola Ama, MC Neat, Shelley Nelson, BB Diamond, Shy Cookie, Kayla Amor, Camden Cox, Oggie, Freejak & Safety First, Tough Love and Reigns.

Massive garage hits re-interpreted on the album include the likes of ‘Movin’ Too Fast’ (Artful Dodger), ‘Flowers’ (Sweet Female Attitude), ‘Sorry’ (Monsterboy), ‘My Love’ (Kele Le Roc), ‘Sincere’ (MJ Cole), ‘Little Bit Of Luck’ (DJ Luck & MC Neat), ‘Romeo’ (Basement Jaxx), ‘Closer Than Close’ (Rosie Gaines), ‘Something In Your Eyes’ (Ed Case), ‘Imagine’ (Shola Ama), ‘Straight from the Heart’ (Doolally), ‘Gypsy Woman’ (Crystal Waters) and ‘Hideaway’ (De’Lacy).

The album also features the brand new track ‘Let Me Show You How’ featuring Shy Cookie and Kayla Amor, as well as two huge UKG remix-covers with MC Neat and Oggie of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Masterblaster’ and ‘Poison’ from Bell Biv DeVoe.

Ahead of the album release The House & Garage Orchestra headed out on their first headline tour of the UK. All the shows sold out and now due to high demand The House & Garage Orchestra have announced they will headline Shepherds Bush Empire on June 1st 2019. Tickets are on-sale now.

FULL ALBUM TRACK LISTING 1. ‘Movin’ Too Fast’ ft. Kayla Amor 2. ‘Flowers’ ft. Sweet Female Attitude 3. ‘Straight From The Heart’ ft. Shelley Nelson 4. ‘Sorry’ ft. Denzee 5. ‘My Love’ ft. Kele Le Roc 6. ‘Sincere’ ft. Camden Cox 7. ‘A Little Bit Of Luck’ ft. MC Neat 8. ‘Something In Your Eyes’ ft. Shelley Nelson 9. ‘Things We Do For Love’ ft. Kele Le Roc 10. ‘Let Me Show You How’ ft. Shy Cookie & Kayla Amor 11. ‘Imagine’ ft. Shola Ama 12. ‘Poison’ ft. MC Neat & Oggie 13. ‘Back Up, Back Up, Back Up’ 14. ‘Master Blaster’ ft. MC Neat & Oggie 15. ‘Gypsy Woman’ ft. Sweet Female Attitude 16. ‘Romeo’ ft. Kele Le Roc 17. ‘Closer Than Close’ ft. Freejak, Safety First & BB Diamond 18. Hideaway ft. Tough Love & Reigns.


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