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Exclusive Interview With Wyte Labl

Urban House Music caught up exclusively with Wyte Labl about their upcoming release on Virgin EMI as well as the inspiration behind future banger Runaway.

So tell us about yourselves. How did the pairing come together?

Jeff: We met through a mutual friend of ours. I was studying music production and looking for other musicians to collaborate with.

Aaron: I was studying music when we first met. We started to collaborate regularly in the studio and our working relationship evolved from there.

How did you come up with your track, Runaway?

Aaron: We came up with the record in our first session with a singer/songwriter called Mainey.

Jeff: I started to program some drums, Aaron played around with some chords and Mainey was singing ideas. It all came together really quickly. You never know how a first session will pan out but we all had a good feeling about Runaway from the get go.

Where did the inspiration for your new single ‘Runaway’ come from? Song and video as that video is funny and has a good concept. Not something all Dance/House tracks have nowadays.

Jeff: Obviously there is a Garage flavour to the record and Mainey brings a classically soulful vocal.

Aaron: The whole track came together organically. Sometimes the thought process is minimal and everything just seems to work.

In regard to the video our only request to the director was nothing too cliché and he returned with this great idea, including the twist at the end. Daps (the director) is based in L.A. and had a concept for the video that we both really felt could work and Daps executed this vision to perfectio

We were informed that your musical diet consisted of some sick people like, Wookie and Todd Edwards. Who else drives you? Inspires you? Catches your ears?

Aaron: There are so many talented artists, producers, songwriters in the world and we take inspiration from a huge variety of them.

Jeff: In terms of drive, we push each other every day to improve and a constant stream of collaborations keeps everything fresh.

How does it feel to have Runaway signed to Virgin EMI?

Aaron: It feels great to have such a huge label show appreciation for what we are doing and help us move forward.

Jeff: That said, our feet are firmly on the ground. We have a lot of work to do to progress in this industry and end up where we want to be.

We’ve heard your remix of Dappy’s Beautiful me. Great work, it’s awesome. Do you have any more remixes planned?

Jeff: We recently just finished a remix for Nick Brewer’s new single “Talk to me” featuring Bibi Bourelly, and we’re working on another for the artist Lucky Charmes right now.

Aaron: We have a lot of fun with remixes. It’s a good way for us to experiment with new sounds and styles, there might even be a couple bootleg remixes we’ll drop soon.

As a duo, what are your overall goals?

Aaron: We just want to make great music.

Can our readers catch you playing anywhere in the coming months?

Jeff: We’ll be announcing live dates shortly. Right now we’re locked away in the studio working on the next record.

Are you still doing radio shows like the back2back shows on BBC1Xtra with DJ Target?

Jeff: Yes, we have some guest mixes coming up soon. So watch this space.

Music wise, what have you in store for us, the fans, in the coming months?

Aaron: The full package for Runaway will be released soon. We’ve got remixes from Mark Talein & Phaze 100, Bromley, Royal T and a dub mix from ourselves.

Jeff: We are constantly working on new music and are looking forward to sharing it with you guys.

In the meantime, Runaway is available for pre-order now and is out on the 28th of August.

We’re expecting big things from these guys, anyone who states Wookie & Todd Edwards as inspirations must know what they are doing. Good Luck for the upcoming release and we look forward to hearing more from Wyte Labl.

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