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Exclusive Interview With Sculptured Music

We Caught Up Exclusively For An Interview With Sculptured Music

Fresh before the launch of his album ‘Breath Again’ we sat down for an exclusive chat to find out more about the upcoming album.

Sculptured Music

Let our audience in on who Sculptured Music is

SculpturedMusic AKA Willy Lubisi from Spruitview (east rand) South Africa.When I’m not producing music, I’m producing promos/adverts for a commercial radio station

How did you first get into music? What was the musical appetite wetter.

I fell inlove with house when my father used to play a lot disco tracks in his car and a guy up my street used to repeat the same Deep House Sounds Volume 1 compilation mixed by our living legend Vinny Da Vinci. Thats when i fell in love with House Music and started collecting my own music and recording off radio hahaaa

Loving the vibes from ‘Only’. Tell us a little about your inspirations for creating music

Thank you !!! For me it goes with my feelings for that day when I’m in studio, I listen to a lot of genres for inspiration and try to put down all those emotions into my music. With ‘Only’ it was very organic. I wanted a old school kinda of a vibe. As you know with House music we kinda chasing our own tails, we go back in order to go forward. Initially I had a sub bass but after Ms isis put down her beautify vocals, I just had to call a friend of mine Portia Bass to lay the down the live bass and have the guy that i normally play with on some of my dj sets Mr Sam to compliment the vocals with his lead guitar. I actually didn’t think it would do that well because its not the sounds I’m known for. But that track actually inspired my upcoming album

How did you get into mixing?

There was a guy in my hood who was a dj, I used to watch him play at our street parties around there and I got so fascinated on how he would change a song from another without disturbing the rhythm of the crowd yet playing the latest music that we’ve never heard before on vinyl. So I got close to him and started going around Parties with him, to watching him play. to cut the long story short, he taught me how to dj

Playing some of your mixes and wow, your music selections are on point.Where does the inspiration for the mixes come from? ‘Views From The East’ is amazing

I’m glad you listen to my mixes, thank you. When doing them, I play music that i don’t get a chance to play at clubs because of the energy or its just not the right crowd for such music. ect. So i make sure i show case that side of me on my podcast and just take people on a journey. besides i find it boring to do a mix of songs that people already know or familiar with

Tell us about the second album, what can people expect on ‘Breath Again

Its more like finding myself again, tapping into a new market and still keeping my old supports as well. And I made sure it sounds more like a compilation more than a producers album. So people can expect a lot of growth and lots of different emotions on the album. Its not just cantering for a niche market but for music lovers

You are going on tour pretty soon. How does it feel touring for your album? are there any places you’re relishing?/p>

Oh yes !!!! I’m always excited to go around my country sharing my music.Most of all, opening new doors and meeting the people who actually support me. its always good to see the people who buy my music and them putting the face to the music. To allow us to be more closer. For now its just in and around South Africa, then Africa then the rest of the world Thats my dream

Hear your copy of this must have release ‘Breathe Again’ –

On Apple Music – https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/breath-again/id1271743758

Google Play –  https://goo.gl/rZq7L3

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