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9 Best YouTube Channels For House Music

We Look At The 9 Most Influential House Music YouTube Channels

Gone are the days when finding physical music was actually a thing. People would spend hours going to independents for the latest release or underground anthem. Beats, Bass & Drums was a currency, producers spending their own cash to fund test presses of their music just to be heard. Some of the best loved music started this way with cult followings and genre specific nights.

Nowadays we have Youtube, Spotify & Blogs but the problem is who decides what’s hot? Or what should be played? More and more Youtube is the go to place for absolutely everything and finding new music is no exception.

It’s easy to hear an absolute peach of a song from a channel and then never hear anything else said channel again. Sometimes, people just make channels and upload one banger that isn’t even exclusive or theirs. Other times you get some channels that just seem to get lazy and before you know it, 6 months have passed and you ain’t heard a single track from this channel.

So we decided to checkout the top 9 YouTube Channels for New House Music. From Future to Deep, Tech to Bassline here’s our list of the top 9 banging YouTube Channels to get your ‘Ear Candy’ on.


Probably The Most Influential House YouTube Channel Right Now!

To say these guys are doing it right now is an understatement, to say the least, with over a million subscribers on YouTube alone you now start to get the sense of exactly how influential these guys are right now. Straight out of Berlin, the channel and blog has now become its own independent record label and host global events all within the space of 4 years.
With Deep House Releases almost everyday Selected is easily the first stop for any new house music…Full Stop!

Chill Your Mind

These guys are doing great things on this channel. Around 5 ish uploads of some super sick variants of house music. One thing for sure about this channel is if you love hearing that Soulful / Deep House music with vocals, then you are in for a treat to say the least.
Most of the uploads encourage you to singalong and give you that ‘feel good’ feeling. This channel is a must for those chilled out House music lovers.



One of the biggest sources of new house music & bassline, Subsoul set the bar high with their branding, videos and exclusives which quickly made their channel the place to find that banger no one had heard yet. With YouTube becoming one of the many sources of new music discovery Subsoul now has a lot of competition which means it’s not the force it once was, but it’s still the best it terms of professionalism and has a serious list of influential folllowers who can make or break new noise, so it had to be in this list!
The go to channel for Deep, Tech & Bassline Upfront Music, we’re subscribers so nuff said……!


For that futuristic sound or those tracks with a lil bit of an electronic edge to it, Futurism is the way forward. These tracks give you energy and almost demand that you get your ass onto the dance floor.
Looking for heavy bass and futuristic sounds then this is a channel you really should be monitoring!


Majestic Casual

Looking for a channel that gives you that music you can’t place in on genre? You know not if its House, Soulful, Tech, Afro or even RnB, but what you do know is that the track is straight fire. Then we are saying Majestic Casual is that channel you need in your life.
The tracks coming outta this channel are all bangers and all cross over into many different genres. It is near impossible for us to say this channel delivers just Deep House etc as it doesn’t. And we are more that grateful for this

The Vibe Guide

The tracks coming out of The Vibe Guide give you that festival feeling. These tracks carry a great feeling with them, making you feel as if you’re on living life in Ibiza or at a festival getting your groove on.
Some super sick Vocal House tracks and those straight House no sub heading genre tracks, come thick and fast with this channel. Straight subscription we thinks.


Another Germany powerhouse Supreme is another Channel with nearly 50,000 subscribers. Deep House is definitely the speciality here, with daily uploads, dirrty remixes and bassline exclusives it easy to see why 50,000 people subscribed. We tend to hear more remixes and mashups from these guys but trust us when we say they are worth it.
These Germany Guys know there sh*t and that why if you’re not already a subscriber you need to get on this Man! (Chris Tucker “Smokey” Voice)

Chill Nation

If you’re looking for some chilled out music but on the more commercial ish side, it has to be Chill Nation you turn to, as they do upload those Chilled out soulful bangers that feel very radio ready.
It would surprise us if any of these tracks weren’t to be played on mainstream radio A….SAP as most of these tracks just feel ready. Some of these tracks have some nice lyrics to hum along to or even join the famous singalong crew.


Lithuania HQ

If you have no idea what type of House Music like but know you sometimes wanna shuffle on a House vibe and sometimes wanna zone out on a Deep one, Lithuania HQ will meet all of your needs for sure.
This channel will deliver every type of House Music under the sun and on a regular basis which is what we all want. Constant music at a fast rate, Lithuania HQ we thank you twice!

Best Of The Rest

With so much competition out there it was always going to be hard to get the list down, but we couldn’t miss out these three big hitters, between them they all have massive followings, their own record labels and global events, Ultra Music alone has the world’s biggest EDM festival so no list would be complete without them. However, the reality is new music is few and far between which is why the smaller channels have much more of an influence on what’s being heard daily and why these guys, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut!

Ultra Music  Armada Deep        Spinnin Records

Have your thoughts on own list below!


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